maj 23, 2013

Emotional Atyachaar 4 witnesses an unusual story of a girl

Bindass’ Emotional Atyachaar 4 narrates a sensitive story of a girl whose identity was kept hidden on the show to avoid any repercussion. Often it is seen that in a male dominated society women have to face repression, something similar happened with Rippen. An independent girl, working with a reputed organisation, she met Anirudh at her office and fell in love with his charismatic personality. They both enjoyed spending time with each other and gradually started dating.
As the relationship grew Anirudh started visiting her house more often, and their closeness grew even further, until one day when Anirudh manhandled her. Experiencing discomfort at once Rippen revolted and found this behavior extremely weird, however Anirudh apologized for his act. It left Ripen completely puzzled and with time, Rippen’s healthy relationship soon turned into a nightmare. Upon investigating, Rippen found out that Anirudh was terminated from his previous job for his unethical behavior in the office environment. Upon questioning him about the incident, Rippen received an unexpected response which left her aghast.
Anirudh’s extreme reactions, control freak nature often used to hurt her. He turned cynical when Rippen decided to break up with him. Anirudh tried his ways to make sure that she would not leave him. Rippen decided to further investigate and found out some shattering realities from her ex-colleague Priya and another girl named Kriti. Being a strong headed girl, she decided to team up with Kriti and teach Anirudh a lifetime lesson. What did Kriti tell Ripen that shook her up?
What was Rippen and Kriti’s plan? What happens to them, when Anirudh gets to know about their plan? Is there any escape for them if Anirudh finds them plotting against him?
The episode will air this Saturday, 25 May at 7pm.