maj 06, 2013

Classic Romantic Red Carpet moment at the Twelfth Indian Telly Awards

Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget

Life is all about lovely moments and memories that sweeten existence.
And business of entertainment is all about providing such moments to viewers which help them to embrace glee and escape into the world of absolute bliss.
Similarly, captured one such wonderful moment which involved TV’s one of the most beautiful and talked about couples, namely Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget.
The wedded couple walked the red carpet at the Tweflth Indian Telly Awards looking absolutely stunning (in a rare public appearance).
And moreover, our shutterbugs captured the wonderful camaraderie and chemistry between the two.
Look at the pictures above and you can see Karan wondering and asking whether to keep his tie inside the jacket or let it hang loose. He turns around to Jennifer and seems to be asking, “Do I look good this way?“
Jennifer, like a dotted wife, lends a little hand and helps Karan get that perfect look.
Finally, the lovely couple strikes a perfect pose for the camera.
This is one moment that is going down in the ‘memory’ book of the Indian Telly Awards.