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Asad Zoya’s Wedding ‘Qubool Hai’ For The Audiences But Will The Wedding Happen!!

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Zee Television’s popular show Qubool Hai, is indeed going through a very interesting phase currently in the show. 4 Lions Films are always known for unique story-lines and concept as a whole. The same things can be seen by the audiences in Qubool Hai too which is produced by 4 Lions productions. This production house creates an aura of freshness within every venture produced. The audiences clearly love to watch the show coming from the bag of this production house as there shows are way above the saas-bahu saga. The current phase within the show is surely making heads turn after all, the current track is focusing of the journey to marriage of the lead protagonists of the characters of the show Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti). The current situation is highlighting the festivities and celebrations which are finally leading towards the ‘Nikaah’ between Asad and Zoya. Audiences are thoroughly enjoying this phase in the show which has brought about the seasons of romance. With romance, both surely engage in hide and seek games. Whenever Asad and Zoya capture the television screens irrespective of whether Asad Zoya share a eye-lock or bicker, they set our TV into flames. This is because the production house and the creatives of the show are showcasing the scenarios very intelligently in a way that piques interests of the shows viewers and apart from this the actors in the show whether they are the leads Karan, Surbhi or all other actors are playing their characters perfectly well.
Qubool Hai is surely gaining thumbs up from the audiences because they want Asad Zoya’s wedding to happen. Dilshad (Shalini Kapoor Sagar) is indulging Asad Zoya in the wedding rituals. However, will the wedding ultimately happen? Going by how the story of Qubool Hai is progressing it seems like the audiences are up for a roller-coaster ride of emotions, feelings, love and topped with loads of drama. Any show which is running on the Indian television gains TRP’s on the drama aspect. The more the drama the more audiences watch the show. This is a simple formula which blends into all the television soaps whether reality or fiction.
As Asad and Zoya get closer within the laws of attraction, both display anguish. Though on the outside both protagonists are looking for ways to stop their wedding, deep down in their hearts Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui surely want to be tied down in a relation. Asad and Zoya’s situation is like ‘Dil Mein Kuch Aur Zubaan Pe Kuch’; they can deny all they want, but with the growing closeness between the two is clear. Wanting the wedding to happen, both are restless. While the audiences too are hoping that the wedding happens come what may. Whatever is coming up in the show there will surely be oodles of drama for the audiences to watch out for.
Tanveer (Amarpali Gupta) who is planning to separate Asad and Zoya for her selfish purposes, fails. All her plans are going down the drain every single time as Zoya finds a way to come out of the troubles coming her way. With Tanveer’s shadow always floating near Asad and Zoya, it is for sure that one day or the other Tanveer’s true face will be revealed in front of Asad and his family. One cannot keep planning and plotting and walk away scot-free every single time! Tanveer’s true face is out to be revealed sooner or later, but when one can tell only as the story unfolds.
Unmasking of Tanveer’s real face will indeed be a stepping stone in the show, because when her real face is revealed it would break Asad Ahmed Khan’s earlier belief about Zoya being a misfit in his life. We say Tanveer’s unmasking would be a stepping stone in the show as Asad would realize of how in the fit of his anger he has hurt Zoya while the culprit was his best friend Tanveer. But when it will happen is to be waited and watched out for. We at Fuze hope Asad gets to know Tanveer’s real face before it is too late for any kind of damage control and like many other viewers even we hope Tanveer is unmasked and Asad Zoya’s wedding happens.
With the celebrations galore Asad and Zoya knowingly or unknowingly are getting more and more attached to each other, with Dilshad leaving no stone unturned to assure that Asad-Zoya’s wedding would happen, Tanveer’s evil plans Qubool Hai is grabbing the audience’s attention like no other show in its respective time-slot. We ought to wonder if Tanveer’s plans keep failing one after the other would her final strike be to reveal to Asad that his bride-to-be Zoya Farooqui is the illegitimate daughter of Gaffur Siddique (Tej Sapru). Will this be Tanveer’s final nail in the coffin which will either break or make Asad Zoya’s relationship. Putting the thinking caps on one has to ponder about this fact; if at all Tanveer’s real face is unmasked then would she tell Asad, Zoya the truth about Zoya’s father. If at all Tanveer’s does this then what would Asad do? hmmm…It surely is a point to ponder about.
Asad and Zoya fondly known as ‘AsYa’ by their fans their pre-nuptials ceremonies are surely mesmerizing the audiences and the ‘Tadka’ on this is Asad and Zoya’s growing chemistry which is making the audiences go ‘Awwww..How Adorable’.. It is underlined fact that when one is angry he or she ends up hurting those who are closest to them and in Qubool Hai time and again the audiences have seen Asad venting out his frustration on Zoya for no fault of her’s. Though the audiences’ hearts go out to Zoya it is endearing to see the no-nonsense guy Asad Ahmed Khan apologizing to Zoya with a clean heart. The fights, the love between Asad, Zoya make their pairs one among the most sought out on-screen jodi’s. The audience witnessed Asad gifting Zoya a saree as a part of a ritual and Zoya accepting it with grace. But the evil-eye of Tanveer does not give Asad Zoya peace in this too; as the audience witnessed in the recent episode Tanveer has burnt Asad gift to Zoya. We know the audiences would be biting their nails in anticipation but let us tell you that Zoya Farooqui as always will find a way out and keep up her promise in one way or the other. The sweetness of the untold love story between Asad and Zoya is surely growing on the audiences and the viewers are living the characters and the credit for this goes to the creatives and the actors who are giving their best every time they say ‘Action’.
In the coming episodes in all likeliness the audiences might witness Tanveer’s real face getting revealed as she is getting desperate in her vile intentions. We feel the time is not far away when either Zoya or Dilshad will start doubting Tanveer’s real intentions. Desperate times call for desperate measure and the audiences need to wait and watch what her next plan of action would be, what extremes will Tanveer go to remove Zoya from Asad’s life. Come what may we at Fuze believe that Zoya Farooqui’s ‘Knight In Shining Armor’ by thy name Asad Ahmed Khan will not let any harm come his ‘Museebat’ Zoya Farooqui’s way. Very soon the audiences will witness Tanveer trying to harm Zoya with a knife but until Asad is around Zoya no harm can touch her. What would happen to Tanveer after this only time would tell.
With this desperate attempt of Tanveer it has to be seen whether this will create a gap Tanveer and Asad’s friendship or will Tanveer again cook-up another story and will Zoya start doubting Tanveer’s intentions? Will Asad  Zoya be able to understand that Tanveer actually wants to harm Zoya? How much more time will Tanveer intentions not be suspected? Will Asad-Zoya’s wedding happen? all this and more will be answered as time goes by and the story of Qubool Hai moves forward.
For now we at Fuze give our readers some of our analysis, The shows from the 4 Lions camp have always been way above the crying, saas bahu, separation of hero-heroine drama. 4 Lions give their audiences the best entertaining them thoroughly. If we go by the previous hit shows from this very camp come what may the lead protagonists are never separated, there may be misunderstandings, fights, pain, guilt, tears but a third person never steps in between the leads of the show. Going by this analysis we feel that probably Asad, Zoya’s wedding might happen, whether as a compromise or for the love Asad and Zoya have in their hearts, but we believe Asad, Zoya’s relation cannot be broken. It is said that true love can withstand any storm and since Asad, Zoya’s love is true nothing can break them apart. Fingers crossed like all you Qubool Hai fans, Asad-Zoya fans we at Fuze also wish Asad-Zoya’s wedding happens may be with its fair bit of glitches, may be with troubles but we hope the wedding takes place as and when planned. It is all in the hands of the creatives whether they want to unite Asad, Zoya or separate them and we also feel the audiences should give all tracks time to grow and shape-up before jumping to conclusions.
With hidden emotions creating a havoc of anxious moments within Asad and Zoya’s heart and mind seems to be their restlessness only. Longing to express themselves in front of each other would create a friction of sizzling chemistry surrounded with the air of love for Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui. For how long the growing love in Asad Zoya’s hearts will be suppressed is to be seen but surely these suppressed emotions will get the two of them closer with every passing minute. We ought to wonder if their is a near confession between the leads somewhere round the corner.
In between all this we would like to welcome actor Vikrant Massey as the new Ayaan in the show. The actor was shown in the recent precap. With Ayaan back in picture what turn will Asad, Zoya’s lives take? Will Asad-Zoya wedding happen or will they part ways? What do Ayaan and Humera (Ketaki Kadam) have in-store? In the tit for tat game going on between Razia (Alka Kaushal) and Badi Bi (Vidya Sinha) will Asad-Zoya, Ayaan-Humera’s budding relationship be made a scapegoat? Will Tanveer’s vile intentions be revealed? How will Asad react when his trust will be broken? and the biggest question of all will Asad Zoya get married? all this and more of the audiences questions will be answered slowly but steadily as the story moves on.
For now it is time for the audiences to sit back and enjoy the wedding celebrations and Asad Zoya’s ‘Dil Mein Mohabbat, Hoton Pe Inkaar’ phase topped with drama in the show.
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Author: Surya Ravi
Editor: A. Patel
Graphics & Banner: A. Patel