maj 15, 2013

Aanchal Khurana's contract with Sapne Suhane ends in June. Will she move out of the show?

Aanchal KhuranaThe deadly and vicious Charu of Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (Shakuntalam Telefilms) is one vamp which has absolutely clicked with the masses in recent times. Played by Aanchal Khurana, the actress’ efforts were noticed and she bagged the Best Actress in a Negative Role award (popular) at the Twelfth Indian Telly Awards.
And since then…as our sources shared over a cup of coffee, her “market value has shot up drastically”.
Hear more from the source: “She has lot of offers from rival channels to play similar vampish characters. And currently her track in Sapne has waned a bit. However, post the award recognition, the production house has promised her meaty tracks in the future.”
The same source went on, “But her contract with the production house ends in June (2013). And there are high chances that she might look for greener pastures.”
Aha…sounds quite interesting…
Armed with this bit of information, buzzed Aanchal (who is also Roadies winner) and she said, “Yes, my contract is ending in June but that does not mean I am quitting Sapne Suhane. I don’t know where all these rumours are cropping from.”
So what about other offers? “I have offers and everyone looks for opportunities. In the future, I might look for something more unique and challenging which will hone my acting skills. And I am keen on doing positive roles which will help me remain satisfied as an actor. But I can only clarify things in the future.”
Now, when we buzzed a source from the production house’s side, we got info that Shakuntalam Telefilms has ongoing contract with their actors.
“When an actor completes a year in business with us, it gets a monetary revision. Same will happen with Aanchal, rest will be her call. And if she breaches the contract and goes ahead and takes up some other project without proper intimation, there will be a heavy monetary penalty for it.”
To get an official quote, we tried to get in touch with Producer Shyamasis Bhattacharya, however, he remained out of reach.
Well Aanchal, whatever your decision be…hope it turns out to be a wise one.