april 16, 2013

Pavitra Rishta - 16th April, 2013 - Written Update

The party continues where Ovi accuses Purvi for ruining her life. Purvi try to say that she didn't do anything purposely.Then Ovi shouts back at her saying she has. Ovi starts crying. Manav tries to console her saying she was so happy regarding her anniversary, he wanted to make the day special for her but Arjun has ruined all. Dk tries to say something but Manav snubs saying he could not understand as he don’t have a daughter. Purvi tries to say that she does not want to hurt anyone,as she has done sacrifice for her familly by leaving the town for her family happiness. Sulochana then slaps her hard saying she should not compare herself with Archana. Archana did everything for her family.
Sulochana continues to blame Purvi for creating chaos in Ovi’s life and tells her that she should have told them before only. Ovi even accuses Onir for swapping babies. Ovi then says her life is all ruined and says her married life is finished and its better Arjun and Purvi get back together. Further she faints while shouting and crying.
Manav goes to meet Archna and tells her how much he is hurt by Arjun and Purvi. He feels its better that she is in comma. Archana’s hand moves a little. 
Next Soham and Varsha are shown where disheartened Soham tells Varsha all that happened at the party.
Manju tells Sulo and Vinod, when Punni made mistake you all went crazy on her and now why are you all quiet? Onir gets angry but doesn’t say anything. He goes and start helping Purvi in packing. Purvi looks at Archana’s photo and cries.
They leave from their room. Outside, Manju is still shouting. She says, as long as this girl is here, I won’t live here. But this doesn't mean that I will leave this house, that girl will leave this house. Right then Purvi and Onir come out with a bag. Manju says, wow.. at least you two have some shame left so you’re leaving on your own. Goes to Purvi and says, because of your one mistake you’re going back to place from where you came – ON THE STREET. You got such a good family, but because of you mistake, you lost it and now you will have to leave away from that family for your entire life. She asks Vinod, what are you still doing here? Haven’t you had enough with her? You plan to do her aarti or what? Let’s go from here. They leave.
Purvi apologizes to Sulochana. She touches her leg, but Sulochana doesn’t give any blessings. Purvi cries and runs out of the house.
Onir before leaving tells aaji that no one can see Purvi’s sacrifice. If Purvi wanted she could have told everyone while she was pregnant and if she would not be married,she would have been all alone with her baby.He tells aaji how Punni wanted to take her house by fraud and has told everyone the truth before they could tell the whole family.
Onir says that Purvi is again all alone but he is with her as always and leaves, leaving aaji sad.
PRECAP : Pari is crying and Ovi shouts at Arjun to take Her daughter away from her as she's getting a head ache due to her.