april 28, 2013

Qubool Hai : ” Can’t afford to lose you !!!”

“Lo kar lo baat….Isse kehte hai episode”
Yes I borrowed that line for Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, but then that is exactly what it was today….Qubool Hai’s tonight’s episode was simply outstanding….Right amount of romance, nokh-jhok, passion, emotions, drama the episode had it all…..Full on Paisa Vasool

“As you sow, so shall you reap”….what did Razia think when she was busy creating havoc in other’s lives? That she would be spared???? Unfortunately the law of nature does not work that way….Like Badi Bi said in the previous episode, if there was someone responsible for Humeira’s condition it was was none other than Razia herself…The result of the various wicked deeds she has done in her life was lying listless, lifeless right in front of her- Her Daughter. While this indeed was the best way to punish Razia, Humeira was her one and only child, Razia’s ki jaan basi thi usmien (In her own words to Shireen). The only part that would actually make the viewers eyes moist was that Humeira was paying for what Razia did, when rightfully it should have been Razia paying for what she did.

Am I missing something or is Tanveer a Contract Killer??? She carries the necessary equipments with her, never hesitates to use them on anybody or anywhere aur iss baar toh the target is Zoya Farookhi, and that’s definitely going to churn out some amazing sequences in the upcoming episodes. Zoya has always been shown as an intelligent girl, haan she is a little emotionally driven, but that does not take away from her the fact that when time comes for her to use her grey matter, she does so amazingly…….There have been several such instances in the past and probably some more in the near future.

In Zoya’s conversation with Badi Bi, the latter probed her to think what she did with the sweets, did she hand it over to somebody was it left unattended etc, and the only person that came to Zoya’s mind was Tanveer, she brushes of that thought aside immediately because she feels that Tanveer is not somebody who would want to harm Ayaan or Humeira. That is when Badi Bi hints her on the possibility that what if the aim wasn’t Humeira ? Once she came back home she learned that Tanveer never spoke anything in Zoya’s favor nor did she intend to and now Mr. Durindhar Bhatawadekar has warned Zoya of an anonymous call who kept giving him information about Zoya. Though her mind is now preoccupied with all the Airport Engagement (Drama) all these talks, hints have been etched in her mind, and it wouldn’t take a long time for her to add 2 and 2 together. But while the makers take their sweet little time to execute the track, why not move ahead?

Both Zoya and Asad were reminiscing their engagement that took place at the airport but in different ways. Zoya’s FB shows us the engagement from her POV and when Asad looked at Zoya after he put the ring on her finger, his eyes spoke volumes of his love, the fear of losing her, the joy of making it on time and putting the ring etc was well etched in his eyes, then why was it missing from his words? Why did he say that all this was a Drama when just like her, he too was living each and every moment of it???

While showing Asad’s side the first thing we see Asad holding Zoya’s earring…..The fact that he still has her earring, still values something as small as that sheds light on Zoya’s importance in his life….Here Asad also has FB’s of the Airport engagement scene but unlike Zoya, Asad is very much aware that he got engaged and that it wasn’t a lie, the only thing he found hard to come to terms with was the fact that he was engaged.

The AsYa nok-jhok this time around was not just sweet and cute but also very real. For Asad the engagement was very much real, but he made sure that Zoya does not feel or think that all this was real and so he announces that it’s fake…..”Kisi ki Zindagi mein bhi bina knock kiye nahi aate”……Well full points to Zoya Farookhi for this line….Up until know Asad has always maintained a distance from Zoya, made a conscious effort to keep her away from his life and all that went in for a toss when he adorned the engagement ring given by his mother on her ring finger thus entering her life without any prior indication. Asad Ahmed Khan who usually has the right answers to Valid questions went totally Mum today when Zoya bombarded him with questions, be it him putting the ring on her finger, or what importance it holds for him or how come he is calling all this fake when he is of the opinion that such rituals are pure and shouldn’t be meddled with. For now Asad has said to Zoya that he does not mean what he did, the ring, the engagement wasn’t that big a deal…while the truth is it is. Usually in daily soaps we see that it’s hard for the protagonists to accept something, they realize things at last, but here Asad has almost come to terms with the truth that he was engaged, all that was left was for him to make her see that this did mean everything to him.

Apart from the AsYa scenes if there is something to look forward to in specially, it definitely has to be the Razia-Badi Bi scenes….. She came with the motive of destroying Badi Bi’s hand, the one that Badi Bi used to Slap Razia in public, using Acid (Technical Term-Vitriolage) but the whole thing gets an interestingly twisted and definitely grabs the viewer’s eyeballs. Not only does Razia fail to pour the acid on Badi Bi, the contents of the bottle fall on Razia but not disfiguring her but leaving Razia and the viewers stunned as to how the Acid was replaced??? And who did it??? This followed by the challenge between the two women simply added more spice to the entire track shared by Razia and Badi Bi.

The entire episode ek taraf aur AsYa Hug ek taraf….Yes the hug that came towards the episode end was mind-blowing…..The fear of losing Zoya is something that has hit Asad hard, be it the Airport Sequence or now this one…….He was almost on the verge of losing her either times and this could be a triggering point enough to Value her more, to look out for her more and perhaps even showcase his feelings???

All in all a superb episode, Precap looks promising….KSG and Surbhi Jyoti have done a stupendous Job so have the rest of the characters…..Stay tuned and keep watching Qubool Hai only on Zee TV,

Author: Vijitha Rajan