april 28, 2013

Qubool Hai…”The 10 Day Challenge, Who will Asad Marry?”

There is no doubt that AsYa make an amazing On-Screen couple. The complement and complete each other and the ROSE Sequence shown in previous episode and continued episode (The Start) was one of the few sequence that highlighted the beauty of this striking couple. The scene may be simple, with nothing extraordinary about it but it was indeed a beautifully written, enacted and executed scene. Zoya wanted to know if her black mailings would work and well it did, Asad could have very well walked away but he did not it was a way to try and find out what lay within Asad’s heart and Asad who really wanted to express his feelings but always refrained from doing so got a chance to express his feelings without sasying a word. Definitely an improvement for somebody who was emotionally challenged hain na?
Asad and Zoya have fallen in love with each other, up until the Airport Sequence there was a lack of clarity when it came to “LOVE”, till then it was more like an attraction, a pull, nurturing Romantic feelings but suppressing it kinda scenario but the Airport Sequence changed the whole thing. Today one can confidently say that yes Asad and Zoya are in love and what bigger proof does one need than the one showcased in the episode? Nahi Samjhe…..No worries hum samjhate hai…..The very cunning, the highly intelligent Razia Beghum jiski nazaron se kuch nahi bachtha, nahi chuptha saw that Asad and Zoya were in love and there was nothing fake about it….Like she said
 ” Koi bina dekhe bi yeh jaan jayega ki beshaq inki Sagai nakli ho, inki Mohabbat asli hai”

Tanveer’s motive as we all know is to marry Asad Ahmed Khan get the title of being Mrs. Asad Ahmed Khan, which automatically would ensure a position, status, dignity, name, fame in the society along with a father’s name for her unborn child (Muft Mein) which is her main focus at this point ever since she was insulted, humiliated etc that she faced at the gathering a few days back when she wanted to meet Imraan. And since Imraan has refused to accept Tanveer and her unborn child, it’s a matter of concern for Tanveer because she would be put through more humiliations for having child out of teh wedlock. What’s interesting about Tanveer’s antics is that in an attempt to separate Asad and Zoya, she has always ensured that the two come closer….Every single time she called Dhurindhar Bhatawadekar as the Anonymous “Desh Bhakt” to give information about Zoya, it only brought them closer……The Airport Sequence and the Bathroom Sequence were two such sequences which highlights Tanveer as the “STUPID CUPID”……Lets hope that in the future too her ploys will have the same effect on AsYa and bring them together.

The second AsYa scene in the episode could have been better, the makers could have actually carried it forward with the same emotion and intensity with which they started, but probably they wanted the episodes focus to be the Shireen-Dilshaad face off which is the only possible explanation to turn a perfectly emotional and substantial scene to a light-hearted comic one.
“Mujhe samaj nahi aa raha ki aap aise kyun pesha rahi hai?”
 The change in Zoya’s expressions here (Excellent work by Surbhi) is noteworthy. Zoya wanted the engagement Asad kept referring to as Nakli to mean something; this was her closest shot at being loved, at being happy, at having her own story. The fact that she mattered to someone, that she meant something to someone was what Zoya’s heart yearned for, and lately with the happening in her life when it came to Asad, she knew that there was a story, that they had something special and he felt it too but wasn’t ready to accept it. The interesting part was that when Asad asked her if she wanted all this to be real, Zoya twists the whole thing and a strong reason for this other the two being Stubborn individuals, is that she wanted Asad to accept his feelings because she wanted to experience what it was to be loved, to matter. Else why would Zoya not accept her feelings, that she wanted all this to be true???

Coming to the show stealer scene the Dilshaad-Shireen face off Mashallah it sure was one of the few flawlessly scripted, performed and executed scenes of Qubool Hai. For the first time we see the two Women upon who fate had played it’s cunning game, come face to face and open the gates to their emotions, their feelings, pain, sorrow anger etc that either of them felt when it came down to the other in terms of Life. While Shireen’s insecurity was tuned towards other emotions by Razia , be it related to Rashid, breaking off of Ayaan’s engagement, the whole Black Magic chapter etc…Shireen’s innocence and naivety has always been churned as per Razia’s wishes the result of which was seen in the episode. While the guiding force in Shireen’s life was Razia-The Manipulator, when it comes to Dilshaad it was unwanted allegations, accusations and the intentional dragging of her kids into an argument that was headed by Shireen and Razia that paved way for her to react. Like Dilshaad said 17 years, for 17 long years she said nothing, injustice was being done to her and her kids one after the other and she said nothing, but today Shireen had brought Asad in between, based on Razia Bi’s brain wash and that’s when all hell broke lose…Well had she said something that day (17 Years Back) shayad yeh din dekhne ko nahi milta….but that would also mean us viewers missing out on such a brilliant piece of work.

While both the women Shalini Kapoor and Shabnam Sayed were outstanding in their respective roles it’s Shalini Kapoor’s Dilshaad that stole the show, the outcry of the pain of a silence that was forced to break after 17 Years was excellently portrayed by her. As far as a character is concerned the episode belonged to Dilshaad, she did not spare anybody be it Shireen, Razia Bi or Rashid Ahmed Khaan Sahab. Another interesting facet of Dilshaad’s character that was shown in the episode was she tried to the best of her ability to avert the argument, tried to calm Shireen down infuse some sense into the woman who was merely a puppet in the hands of Razia and also thought of walking away. Given a chance Dilshaad would have gladly chosen to be quiet for another 17 Years but Razia Bi had to intervene, provoke Shireen and the result was right before us. Dilshaad has always been shown as a Righteous woman, it was she who was wronged for no rhyme or reason and once again it was she and her kids who were being targeted (By Razia Ofcourse) for others selfish purposes. Many a times Dilshaad’s words forced Shireen to think over, but Razia’s insecurity once again turns the game over.

Shireen was brain washed…True, but she at a point she was literally inviting misery and pain. Yes she calls Dilshaad a woman who was left by her husband “Chodi hui aurat”, and what does she get in return? Nothing!!! The moment Shireen curses her Son, his happiness and that he’ll never get married, Dilshaad loses her cool. Dilshaad who under other circumstances wouldn’t have called Shireen the “Other Woman aka Dusri Aurat” because her culture, her upbringing does not allow her to do so, gives it back to Shireen 
“Mujhe Chodi hui Aurat kehne waali tu Khud kya hai? Aisi Aurat jo pehli biwi ji jagah kabhi nahi le sakthi….”.
 This was the point when Dilshaad spoke up for the first time in 17 Years, she retaliates not only to Shireen but also Razia Bi and Rashid Ahmed Khan…Dilshaad’s words to the Man who claims to love her was another highpoint. This was the same woman who argued with her son for this Man, while it’s true that Rashid’s mouth was sealed that he was doing this for Dilshaad and his Kids well being…after a point one does expect you to take a stand in life and Rashid was always traveling in 2 boats at the same time.

Dilshaad’s was given some superb dialogues in the Friday episode, and some of them were very real, very logical like
 “Duniya mein 1000 tarikey ke log honge, 1000 Tarikey ki baatein karte hai par sab sach nahi hota”
”Ek Biwi toh chup reh sakti hai…..par ek Maa kabhi chup nahi reh sakti”
 etc were Top Notch.

The Friday freeze kaafi dhamakedaar tha 
“Mere Asad ka Nikah hoga aur 10 dino ke Andhar Hoga aur maaf kijiyega agar aap log aayenge toh mujhe acha nahi lagega”.
….wonder what the CV’s have in store for us. So stay tuned guys because the show just got bigger and better.

Well what was the best part of yesterday’s episode??? Do let us know.

Author: Vijitha Rajan