april 28, 2013

Madhubala:EIEJ…News of the hour “Time for Test of Love”

Viewers were in for a shock when the central protagonist of colors most popular show Madhubala:Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Madhubala Shamsher Mallik took a complete 360 Degree in a span of 1 episode, 7 Hrs (As per the episode.
The Madhu who was always put up a fight for the wrong happenings, wrong doing no matter who it was had chosen to go back to the man who mocked her love and destroyed her life. She chose to fight for her love (In Madhu’s words) and was even seen lying to her mother who she loved, respect and cared for more than anybody in world.

It was quite fishy that Madhu did nothing except shed a few tears, when her mother took a huge step of disowning her daughter for going back to RK in the name of love at the cost of her self respect and Dignity. It was highly unlike Madhu and it probed the viewers to think what Madhu was upto? While that is something the viewers will have to wait and watch here is a little unexpected scoop from an upcoming sequence in Madhubala:EIEJ.

Madhubala will be seen asking RK to take her test. Shocked? Well you ought to be….While the happenings in the show indicate this test to come from RK side, the makers have opted for a twist by showing Madhubala asking RK to take her Test in the up coming episode. What will Madhu do??? Madhu will be seen walking on the Terrace Parapet for this and will be seen losing her balance. When she is about o fall RK will rush forward and save her. Why does Madhu do this? Madhu wants to prove to RK of her love, her feelings and how serious she is when it comes to them and this is the reason she plans for this Twist. Madhu has got grip of how RK’s mind works and from now on she’ll be seen calling the shots.

What Madhu has in mind, what she is aiming for with all this only time will tell but what we know for sure is that Madhu sure has something big up her sleeves and it would be interesting to see what the makers have in mind, and what they will churn out in this particular track.

Sit back and enjoy guys, the show just got bigger and better.

Sheetal Pandya and Vijitha Rajan