april 28, 2013

Madhubala - Damsel in distress, Madhu turns wicked

Tables have turned folks! Our sweet, innocuous and damsel in distress Madhu has turned wicked and is going to take on RK as well as Dips head on!!

The episode begins with Madhu and Padmini talking about Madhu’s future course of action. Madhu says a woman ought not to be hurt or humiliated! She vows that she is going to show to RK how it feels to be in love and be hurt.
Padmini tries to infuse sense into Madhu saying he is RK, the superstar, but Madhu won’t budge. She says that she is Padmini Malik’s daughter. Padmini tells Madhu to not cross the limits and Madhu reverts that she would not do that ever.
Madhu runs into RK at home
Madhu runs into RK upon reaching home. She tells him that she went to Sultan’s place and then to her home to meet Padmini. RK asks her about the well being of Padmini, to which she replies that Padmini was terribly upset.
RK gifts a box containing a stunning black dress to Madhu and asks her to get dressed for a dinner date. Madhu is apprehensive about wearing the dress, but RK insists her to do that.
When Madhu comes out wearing the dress, she is looking smoking hot gorgeous! RK is smitten with her beauty and teases her saying she looks so beautiful that on seeing her in the outfit he forgets to breathe!
Madhu is little uncomfortable while walking in heels and takes the help of RK while descending the stairs. RK has to do something dramatic in every situation, so he picks up Mahdu in his arms and takes her downstairs. Oh wait, he has forgotten his cell phone, so he walks back to his room to bring it back.
Evil Dips senses opportunity
Dips, who has been wondering about why Madhu has returned to the household, forgiven RK and even fought with her mother, arrives at the scene to taunt Madhu. She teases her by addressing her as Chawlbala and that such a beautiful dress does not look good on a begger.
Dips asks Madhu if she has come back to complete her nefarious plans. Madhu, who has been ignoring Dips all the while, strikes back saying yes, she has come back for this very reason!!