april 26, 2013

Qubool Hai-Zoya turns blackmailer?

Qubool Hai-Zoya turns blackmailer?

Mumbai: In recent episode we saw how Asad and Zoya get engaged in a dramatic way at airport, now Zoya is all set to blackmail Asad in Qubool Hai.

Asad, Zoya, Dilshaad and Tanveer reach at one of their relative's function where everybody appreciates her ring and she purposely pretends that she has engaged recently. She also says that Woh (Asad) is also in this function.

Zoya keeps on calling him as an emotionally challenged Woh

He becomes angry and catches hold of Miss. Farooqui's hand to ask her what she is doing and warn her to stop all this nonsense because he doesn't want be a laughing stock, but the chatter box asks Jahanpanaah to smile a little.

Zoya starts going all naughty over Asad, when he requests her to stop all her childish prank she asks him to get her a beautiful rose in a loud booming voice. 

When Mr.Khan gets her a rose then she asks him to say that he is lucky man as he has got engaged to the latter.

Hmmm,,, Miss. Farooqui knows very well how handle Mr. Khan, let's see what will happen next. Will they get into Nikaah and say Qubool Hai.