april 27, 2013

Punar Vivah Ishita to create misunderstandings between Yash,Aarti

Punar Vivah Ishita to create misunderstandings between Yash,Aarti 
Ishita’s (Heena Parmar) obsessive love for Yash (Gurmeet Choudhary) has made her completely negative and she will cross any limits to get Yash back from Aarti (Kratika Sengar) in Punar Vivah on ZEE TV.
It is being shown that Ishita is plotting against Yash and Aarti to separate them.
To separate Yash and Aarti, Ishita has decided to take Yash and Aarti’s newborn son Aayu away.
Ishita played a game where she hired a person who called Aarti and informs her that Yash has met an accident.
Aarti was very tensed and run to meet Yash but she is surprised to know that there was no accident.
Aarti was completely shocked when some goons kidnap Aayu.
On the other hand, Ishita provoked Yash by telling him that Aarti has taken Aayu to the hospital without informing him.
Let’s see if Yash will blame Aarti for Aayu’s kidnapping or will Yash and Aarti get Aayu back again?