april 28, 2013

Saraswatichandra: Kumud on Mission “A lively, smiling Saras”

Tonight’s episode gave us a clearer picture of why Dugba was angry with Saras when he came to Ratnanagiri. While a small FB Sequence instead of the Narration would have doubled the effect, the fact that Dugba opened up herself to Kumud when it came to Saras was praiseworthy too.
Ghuman was the reason that Dugba maintained distance from Saras, what Dugba did not tell Kumud was that she Dugba was supposed to get married to Laxminandan that Ghuman who was a “Nachne waali” snatched Dugba’s happiness and the man she was to marry along with Saras etc but the fact that Guman was the reason that Dugba maintained her distance and that now that all that distance has vanished, she wishes that the void in Saras’ life, be it smile, love, expressing his feelings etc is filled, that every bolted feeling is left open and who better than Kumud to take away the misery, the pain that Saras kept inflicting upon himself?

The first time Saras came before the viewers, the one thing the makers consciously showed along with him was PAIN and that he never shared them with anyone. If Saras’ mom was alive then things would have been different. His mom’s demise is what shattered him at first, that followed by the arrival of Guman- A step-mother who became “MOM” but could never become his “MAA”, and from what little they showed of Saras’ relationship with his Dad, one can only come to the conclusion that he was never that close with his father, which is why it’s easy to come to a conclusion that Saras never actually had somebody to share his feelings, his joy, his pain with. It’s all bottled up and what he has practiced all these years is what he is practicing these days too. Kumud was probably the first person in a long long time who read Saras without him actually saying anything, challenged him and forced him to come out the shell but before it could bear any result, Ghuman plays another wicked game of “4 Kadam ki Dhoori” and Kumud falls for it which leads to Saras distancing himself.

Now apni chori aka Kumud is on mission “Saraswatichandra” where she aims at teaching him to smile, to share his feelings, emotions and to live life to the fullest by loving other and letting them love you without the fear of getting hurt. Jennifer Winget does an amazing job as Kumud in this particular scene that is the short and sweet drama scripted, directed and enacted by her which was aimed at covering the 4 Foot Distance she asked Saras to maintain, for ever. While Kumud succeeds in filling the gap created by her, Saras remind her to always maintain that gap or even more between their feelings. That was indeed a beautiful scene because for the first time we see Kumud acknowledging by full heart that Saras was not a bad person, that his actions be it rejecting her through a letter or the numerous others were traced back to having strong reasoning’s that arises from the childhood he had at Dubai.

While it would be hard for Kumud to cross the “Jazbaaton” ka distance than the physical distance she had asked him to maintain, but it is not impossible and Kumud is not somebody who gives up on something or somebody that easily and here toh she has given a Vachan to her Badi Maa which means she will see to it ki Saras learns to smile, to open up and live life to the fullest like he should be, and if all falls into place this will also mark the start of a new relationship, and probably a deeper, stronger one….Well chalo dekhte hai how Kumud becomes the KEY to opening Saras’ HEART that’s been LOCKED UP……So stay tuned !!!

Author: Vijitha Rajan