april 28, 2013

Madhubala - It's Sulbala not Rishbala, Madhu plans vengeance against RK

It turns out that Madhubala’s fans are set for a heartbreak! A terribly hurt Madhu is not with RK for love or anything else, she is there to seek revenge from him.

The episode begins with Sultan and Madhu in a tense situation with Madhu asking him why would he interfere between her and RK. Sultan doesn’t answer but gives cold looks to her, thereby puzzling her to the core. Aryan comes over and hugs Madhu in joy, while she is engaged in an eyelock with Sultan.
Madhu and Aryan chit-chat for a while, after which she leaves for home along with Sultan. On the way, Madhu talks her heart out with Sultan. Sultan promises to fulfill every bond that she would forge with him. It does not matter what people will say.
Sultan asks Madhu if she is concerned over something, to which she replies that she lied to RK, Padmini and herself. Sultan is taken aback with her words and asks Madhu what is it. Just as Madhu is going to answer, Aryan, who was sleeping all the while, pops up from the backseat of the car, prompting Madhu to drop the talk.
Madhu is dropped at the entrance of the RK mansion by Sultan. Sultan teases her by asking what is in her heart. He says that she does not know how to lie and hide her feelings. Madhu reverts back that she cannot tell him the truth, leaving the audience gasping for breath! Folks, is it time for Rishbala to move over and give way for Sulbala?
RK watches the duo holding hands at the entrance of RK mansion. He is pissed off with the scene and cancels the shoot.
Madhu at home
Madhu reaches home and has an encounter with terribly angry Padmini. The latter lashes out at Madhu for siding with RK knowing how badly he had hurt her and the whole family. She launches an all-out attack against her daughter and wonders how she could go so wrong.
It is the time for Madhu to let Padmini know how she feels. She tells her that she is not with RK for love, money or anything else, she is there for revenge. A perplexed Padmini asks what is going on in her mind, to which she replies that it she is going to show RK that he is not God.
Madhu at RK Mansion
Madhu reaches RK Mansion to find RK sleeping. He gets up on her arrival and talks in a strange tone. As Madhu starts blabbering an excuse, he wonders why she is giving a reason even if he hasn’t asked for it.