april 28, 2013

Qubool Hai - Frantically Probing Zoya Brazens out “engagement truth” with Asad

Well, people get ready to expect some flaming sparks as Razia, Shirin and Dilshaad are all going to be under the same roof. The bubbly Zoya is busy pulling Asad’s leg as she wants to know his real intentions behind the engagement:

Asad Zoya engagement
With full emotion in his eyes and words Asad plucks the rose for Zoya and gives it to her by saying that he is a blessed man that he is engaged to her. Before she can relish the moment and capture it in her heart Asad tells her to snap out of it and that he had said what she wanted him to say.
Once again he didn’t mean anything directly. Asad’s tender gesture leaves Zoya smiling like a Cheshire cat with cheese.
Asad finds Zoya busy talking to her brother-in-law and asks her if she has told him about the false engagement. The mention of the engagement being false riles Zoya to no end and she starts to get flustered. She tells him that she is fed up of his constant raving about the engagement being a farce. She snaps back at him that he is an emotionally challenged person who can never understand emotions.
Zoya asks Asad to leave her alone as he is purposely hiding the reason for the engagement from her. She asks him if he is unaffected by her stay in India and that he has got engaged to her only for appearances sake. Heartbroken, she waits for some sign of love in his eyes.
Asad asks her directly if she wants the relation between them to be legalized. Caught in a corner Zoya brushes it off by saying that she too doesn't care about it and was asking him only so that he should not develop any ideas regarding her.
Razia insults Tanveer
Tanveer peeks at them as they share a few moments together but is jolted as she sees Razia creep up in front of her. Angry at seeing Zoya, Razia snaps at Tanveer for not living up to her word of separating them and sending Zoya back.
Hearing the volley of accusations against her, Tanveer tells Razia the airport story and how Asad brought Zoya back. Insults ring over Tanveer’s head as Razia tells her that Zoya and Asad have true romantic emotions for each other.
Shirin confronts Dilshaad
Meanwhile Dilshaad comes face to face with Shirin who looks on at her angrily. Shirin starts a volley of insults for Dilshaad saying that she has never forgiven the former for her involvement with Rashid and is jealous that Ayaan was getting engaged before Asad.
This jealousy had goaded Dilshaad to turn nasty and resort to Black magic tricks in connivance with Ammi so Shirin starts to curse Asad to remain unhappy for life.
Unable to bear it anymore Dilshaad snaps back that she will get Asad engaged in 10 days time. Phew! Now that was an episode to behold!