april 16, 2013

Madhubala - 16th April, 2013 - Written Update

Madhu says I lied so that my mother doesn't get troubled.
RK says, that's okay, but yet the result is that you are here.
Then he says i want your DIL. Madhu retorts, I have none. You shattered n crumbled it and now I have no heart.
RK keeps asking, don't u have one and comes closer while she goes behind.
He says, if u don't have a heart, than what's making dhak dhak noise, is it the kidney mimicking the heart?
RK says, it's beating because of what is between us. He says, fight yourself and give me a chance, give yourself a chance and I promise, even if you only spend one day with me you'll stay back with your own free will by the evening. Just give me one chance,
[Hum hai deewane]
Madhu wakes up from trans and angrily pushes him away, and says NEVER, do you hear me, NEVER!!
RK retorts, Okay. But at least get me my clothes but she refuses, so he says, make kheer for me with your beautiful hands,
Madhu says, don't behave like a kid and make demands. RK says i love making you angry, and your sulking face.
Madhu gets up and leaves, RK says meri jungli billi. I like it
Paddy tells Trish, that she felt that Radhaji was lieing n Madhu is in problem.
Trish says, i don't think Radha would lie.
Knocking and Sultan enters
Paddy asks for Aryan, he replies he is fine. He says thanks for taking care of us, no one does that much for anyone.
He offers money, Saying, plz believe me , i have very less money that i have earned without doing anything wrong.
Sultan says that he came last night to give the money. but Madhu had gone with RK. Paddy said she hasn't gone back to RK, she went to work.
Sultan said that RK receive Madhu's phone and said that she's with him!
Pado worries that Madhu is in trouble and says, what if that Raxiaz(RK) took Madhu with him forcefully
Hearing this, Sultan gets angry and leaves, leaving the money on the table.
MB having flashbacks of RK's challenge while she is walking down the stairs.
Radha comes and Madhu says, I never hide anything from mom, but she was so worried, i couldn't say anything.
I can't think straight.
Radha takes her to Bappa mandir, and says, yesterday when I saw u here, I was overjoyed, But when I saw you lie to Paddy today, to I felt ashamed, I felt like this is not right.
I know that I should take your side and tell Paddy the truth. but my heart doesn't know what's right and what's wrong. it doesn't let me think anything. My heart says, look Radha, Madhu is back in your house and in RK's life, maybe if he gets a second chance, then everything will be alright. Even if I pray, I cry inside as well.
It's seldom, that wether we listen to mind or heart, both decisions are right. Now it's in your hands, the decision is yours. Dil or Dimaag?
Both offer aarti… and Radha blesses Madhu

Madhu enters the kitchen and starts making kheer. Radha's dil VS dimaag dialogue comes as flash backs.
Trish's flashbacks comes, whan she asked Madhu, what if he asks for forgiveness, and MB replying do you think I can ever trust him again?
Then Holi flash backs, tumhe rang lagane ka haq mera n mera tumhe kaapne ka haq sirf tumhara.
Dipz enters and says, middle class mentality, making food to win heart, but i thought its opposite in your case, isn't RK supposed to win your heart?
Dipz taunting Madhu by saying, yesterday there was so much drama just so that you could leave and first thing today, you're in kitchen making kheer for RK. Don't you think about what ppl would say, that does she have any self respect or not?!
Why don't you just leave this house. Madhu ignores and Dipz keeps taunting saying, where is the self respect in living in that chawl, rather live in this luxurious house. Self respect can go to hell.
And if you have any confusion, you can play the game, i love him, i love him not
Madhu answers, you know all this very well. So you do one thing, make this kheer yourself. I have no interest in Love nor in this kheer. All yours!!.
Madhu bangs the spoon in Dipz hand, and leaves. Dipz thinks, its all mine? and laughs, saying that you made a big mistake chawlbala.
Ab mazaa aayega
RK dancing on Hawa Hawai
He stops car in middle of road, and gets out and starts dancing.
Madhu is trying to ignore him but he pulls her out of the car and trys to dans with her.
People on the road filming this on their cameras n Ipads
One girl comes and gives RK a rose, which he takes and kneels down before Madhu to offer her.