juni 13, 2013

Pyar Ka Dard Hai- the Mystery behind Mrs. Purushottam Diwan’s Death.

The new Twist in Tale in StarPlus Pyar Ka Dard Hai has grabbed the viewer’s attention and ever since the show has been going great. Finally it was revealed as to why Kiara was uncomfortable in Dada Ji’s presence and what impact the scene of her Dadi’s death, which she witnessed chori-chupke has made on her heart. Kaira is staying firm on her grounds that Dada Ji has murdered Dadi Ji, but from the kids that is Anuj, Avantika and Preeti we come to know that what their father did was EUTHANASIA and that the trio were aware of it, but yet again there is a Catch, we see exchange of Glances between Diwan Saab and Shanky who seems to know all that happened, and also looks like is a accomplice.
There is more to the whole Drama than what meets the eyes…..Nana Ji’s behavior, his uneasiness when the past is talked about especially when Pankhuri comes in to play like she did when she suggested Nana Ji to talk to Kiara or when she saw the letter with the name ‘Nirmala Deshpandey’, gives you all the more reason to believe that equation is completely off.
While this is happening on one side, we have Sheela, Latika and Rubel with their usual hatching and plotting , only this time being extra careful, 10 Steps ahead of the others and all geared up to get to the root of this “BLAST from the PAST” . They are under the impression that this news has come like a BOON in disguise when all other means of getting the family property and assets failed miserably. The unexpected encounter of Sheela with some truth and the involvement of a Nurse named Nirmala Deshpande is what got the trio into Motion in finding out the truth.
We already have Sheela, Latika and Rubel on Detective mode and this is exactly what makes us wonder what the need of turning Pankhuri also into one is? Undoubtedly Pankhuri is the ideal daughter, the ideal bahu etc but something’s she should let it be….Many a times the makers have shown Pankhuri intervening into others privacy and her need to get to the bottom of everything…Why? She knows Nana Ji is upset, she also knows that talking about matters related to the past, pertaining to Nani’s Death will cause him more uneasiness and pain yet she has resolved to find out what is happening, what Nana ji is hiding and who Nirmala Despande is?
The show is sure gearing up for some extremely exciting sequences and the suspense quotient makes it all the more worth watching….So stay tuned and keep watching Pyar Ka Dard Hai only on Star Plus.
Author: Vijitha Rajan