juni 13, 2013

QUBOOL HAI: Razia Obsession with Cameras and Rashid part 2 In the Making!

Razia is by far the most consistent character in Qubool hai and the mean, manipulative streak in her character makes her worth watching. While it does get a tad bit boring and repetitive to see her winning time and again in every match that she ploys, the power the character holds is Impeccable. She has broken all conventional concepts of Deviousness.
There was a phase when Badi Bi stood up against Razia, and won all the matches she played, but the class and charisma Razia (Alka Kaushal) brings to the Character is amazing. She is so mean that you want to bury her alive right away and that is exactly where she as a Character and the Actor essaying the role succeeds respectively.
1KTs24s 300x179 QUBOOL HAI: Razia Obsession with Cameras and Rashid part 2 In the Making!The recent episodes have altogether showcased how obsessed she is with Camera’s and Photography/Videography……Well this obsession has been shown earlier too with Rashid Miyaan but once again she seems to have taken the same route….Wonder which techno world she was born in, but jokes apart it just shows how meticulous she is in her ways, and how sharply her brain works…..She knows how to tune people, and the biggest plus point is she makes sure that they fall into her trap. First it was Rashid she trapped him in her plan, or rather made him a puppet in the Saazish that took place 17 Years back, then she swore to do the same with Ayaan and she succeeded too.
4IwR32z 300x178 QUBOOL HAI: Razia Obsession with Cameras and Rashid part 2 In the Making!Razia very well knew that Ayaan’s weak point is his temper; she wanted him to break, break to the point that he would do something drastic and she was plain lucky that Ayaan put the Car on fire with Imraan in it. Now once again she has proof that Ayaan is the culprit and she will use it to her advantage just like she did with Rashid. Rashid miyan toh bechare 17 Saal se katputli bane hue hai, what will be interesting to watch is if Ayaan follows his father’s footsteps and submit to Razia.
1H4AKyf 300x180 QUBOOL HAI: Razia Obsession with Cameras and Rashid part 2 In the Making!Ayaan still has a chance, a chance to escape from the clutches of Razia and not become Rashid Part 2. All he has to do is follow his brother’s advice. Ayaan was going to accept his mistake in front of all when Nikhat stopped him, but that was prior to Razia showing him the proof she had….He still has a choice, she can still walk away, accept his mistake and not give Razia the reason to be happy, the victory that she now badly wants. Now that Ayaan knows Razia ke haat mein uski zindagi ki dor hai….Will Ayan dance to her tunes or walks away stating that he will not let her win and will not repeat the same mistake as his father?
We all hope that he takes the 2md route but with 4 Lions and with Hindi Serial….the tag line that always remains is “Yaha Kuch bhi ho sakta hai….”
Author: Vijitha Rajan
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