juni 15, 2013

Mehendi Special Qubool Hai: The Name is ASAD not JAMMY!!!

“The Scar proves how strong Zoya is” this is what Asad told Tanveer when the latter tried to make an issue of Zoya wearing a sleeveless, that gave full view of her burns, on the day of her mehendi. Zoya was a survivor, a fighter and the burn marks were just proofs substantiating the same. Tanveer was somehow caught in the web of her own words, Strange Na?
cats47  Mehendi Special Qubool Hai: The Name is ASAD not JAMMY!!!Tanveer had craftily weaved a story where she showcased that she was a victim of her husband’s Domestic Violence, that she lost her eyes and did not want to be the subject of mockery which is why she lied about the whole “Stone-Eyed” person. While Tanveer’s theory was filled with loop holes and though Asad failed to cross question her then, which if he had would have led to “The Cat Caught her tongue” kinda situation……Asad stating firmly that Tanveer should learn from Zoya was him actually disapproving her way, her lies she said to support her.
The fact that Asad somewhere down the lane acknowledged the truth that Zoya suffered losses that a normal person can’t generally fathom and is always trying to spread happiness and laughter in the lives of others has actually raised the Bar of his Love for her, from the usual “Tum Meri Liye Sahi Ladki Nahi Ho” chant.
53ivlOD  Mehendi Special Qubool Hai: The Name is ASAD not JAMMY!!!
This whole things hasn’t gone well with Tanveer which is why she took the aid of the ACID, which is nothing but another means of showing all who were present and Asad in particular that Zoya wasn’t the perfect choice for Asad…..but what Tanveer did was underestimate Zoya’s words when either of them threw challenges at each other 2 episodes back. Zoya promised Tanveer that no matter what Asad will be hers…. and the reason that she could withstand the pain was because unlike Tanveer THIS WAS NOT A GAME FOR ZOYA, IT WAS A TEST OF HER LOVE.
7uIUgwL horz  Mehendi Special Qubool Hai: The Name is ASAD not JAMMY!!!
The Biggest blow to Tanveer like we all know was Zoya showing the will to sit throughout the Mehendi Rasam and making Tanveer write “ASAD” on her palm, the sleek taunt of not mixing up with Jammy scores bonus points. Asad does sense there is something wrong when he sees Zoya’s discomfort, but her smile reassures him and puts him at ease and a look at him eases out her pain and giving her the strength to go through the ceremony.
194  Mehendi Special Qubool Hai: The Name is ASAD not JAMMY!!!
What will be interesting to find out is what will happen tomorrow as per the precap everybody put the same Mehendi that Dilshaad prepared, but only Zoya’s hands were burnt, which technically means somebody hampered with the bowl from which Zoya’s mehendi was taken…….Do you know what this means, if executed properly??? This means more support for Zoya from the entire family including Asad because like we mentioned Asad senses Zoya’s uneasiness and still she sat through it all bearing the pain…..Pyaar mein di Kurbaani ka kuch toh asar hoga???
It was quite evident that Badi Bi had a bigger agenda, a bigger motive and she was playing accordingly the whole Golden Wig was only a means to throw Razia off the track before she could actually play her real cards……but Humeira here is getting crushed for actually no fault of hers.
xobViG7  Mehendi Special Qubool Hai: The Name is ASAD not JAMMY!!!
For Razia this is a means to establish her power over Ayaan, for Ayaan this is a means to mend his sisters broken relationship….For them this whole engagement, relationship comes out to be looking like a deal, while the young girl is so much in love that one instance she feels that something is terribly wrong, at the other she feels content to be getting engaged to the man she ever loved which clearly makes her a puppet in the entire Drama….
OXSyLMH horz  Mehendi Special Qubool Hai: The Name is ASAD not JAMMY!!!
Either Razia is playing or Ayan is and the fact that Ayaan has not opened up to Humeira make you feel for her because she is under the impression that Ayaan too loves her when the truth is even if Ayaan considered giving Humeira a chance was on somebody else’s words. The precap on this side of the lane also looks really exciting as Badi Bi stands triumphant smiling at her success.
Stay tuned guys, as the 10 Days Challenge is reaching the finish line the makers seems to have spiced it all the more…..We Likes!!!!
Author: Vijitha Rajan