juni 15, 2013

Tanveer traps Asad; Zoya goes missing!

Qubool Hai on Zee TV is currently witnessing wedding preparations of Asad (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya, (Surbhi Jyoti). They love each other but somehow, their love hasn't reached the optimal level.
Will they marry this time?
Our source informs us that, "Zoya is ready to get married to Asad and is waiting for him even as the marriage rituals are going on. However, Asad is stuck in traffic."
The source went on to say, "It so happens that Tanveer (Amrapalli Gupta) has said that if Zoya marries Asad she will just be his legally wedded wife but only Tanveer and Asad will consummate! This statement of Tanveer won't go well with Asad which will lead him to run away from Tanveer but somehow Tanveer will catch hold of Asad and inject some sleeping drug into him. This results in Asad feeling unconscious, which will result in the consummation of Asad and Tanveer." 
This will also lead to a confrontation between Zoya and Asad, "When Zoya will go hunting for Asad she will find Asad and Tanveer together. When she sees this she will run away to Ajmer. Tanveer will hunt for Zoya and confront her. Later on, an angry Tanveer will push Zoya and Zoya will go missing from Ajmer" concludes our source.
We tried contacting Amrapalli Gupta but she remained out of reach.