april 24, 2013

Saraswatichandra: “Yeh Dooriyaan….”

“What a brilliant and intense episode….” Yes that’s the phrase that comes to your mind after seeing tonight’s episode of Saraswatichandra. Na kuch bola, na kuch kiya phir bhi the undercurrent between the two lead protagonists Kumud and Saras was so palpable, so real that the screen was set ablaze. What say guys???
Saras is clearly in love with Kumud, but it is his fear that he being in her life would bring nothing but sadness, gloom, tears etc that made him behave indifferently, that made him stick to the “4 Kadam Ki Doori” instruction that Kumud had given him earlier. There was nothing he wanted more than to be with Kumud, his lines in the previous episodes that there was something between them, something that kept pulling them together was a testimony of this very fact. It was something that he felt every second of his life, a feeling so powerful that it could consume him and that is exactly the reason he is deliberately showing this indifference to Kumud, he does not want any room for error because he knows that if Kumud gets a whiff of what his feelings are for her then there would be no stopping him from reciprocating it back.
Him caressing Kumud’s Mehendi imprint on his shirt was an indication of how much he wanted her, that he missed her, that he would do anything to break free from his own resolution because the truth that even he couldn’t deny was that she completed him…..and yet he couldn’t bring about himself to be a part of her life. The lengths to which he can restrain himself has been very well witnessed by Kumud and Badi Maa…..While Kumud is confused as to why Saras is restraining himself, keeping himself away from her not even talking , Badi Maa is far more sure that something, some was bothering Saras and eating him inside out which was the reason that he was holding himself back from Kumud and being totally indifferent.
Saras is not somebody who would stay aside and not help somebody who would want it, but he chose not to, only after Kumud kept the heavy antique mirror aside did he walk upto it and carry it toward the other room. Same goes for the Dinner Sequence, Kumud had made Rajma while everybody was busy praising it, Saras refuses to take it when she was serving and gladly takes it when Kussum serves him. Both Kumud and Kussum offer Saras water when he starts coughing badly, but Saras moves forward to take it from Kussum. On one side he was torturing Kumud, hurting her but he was suffering too……but for Saras, from his POV he felt that this was needed, to keep her away from Him, to make sure happiness stays in her life which would be overshadowed by pain and sorrow once he steps into her life. It would be really nice if the makers would show equal emphasis as to why Saras feels the need to stay away from Kumud. While his past could have a huge part to play in this decision of his, a little more depth and a clear insight would do wonders for Saras’s character and the on-going story line.
Guman has bailed out Yash, and she definitely has something up her sleeves which is why she has taken this step. Yash and his Mom also seems to be siding with Guman in this move but what her underlying motive is , and the extent of damage she could cause is yet to be seen. She is keeping herself low after the loss she suffered all thanks to Kumud and Sarasm, but she will make a move soon and it would be interesting to see what and when.
Well after telling Kumud that there was something between them, if Saras thought that he could keep away from Kumud, that he could shield his feelings away from her than he clearly does not know Kumud, or has failed to acknowledge how stubborn she is plus a stubborn and determined Kumud is a deadly combination and now she has resolved to get to know what lays within Saras’s heart….which means more flavor to the track and more fervor in the upcoming episodes.
Stay tuned Guys !!!
Author: Vijitha Rajan