april 25, 2013

TellyTadka Moment of the Day: Madhubala-EIEJ “Pyaar mein mitt jaana alag hota hai, aur bik jaana alag”

Hello, Adaab, Namaste and Satsriyakal to all our Madhubala:Ek Ishq Ek Junoon readers. Well MBEIEJ is heading towards something really interesting and dramatic these days and keeping that in mind, the episodes are going great. Madhubala :EIEJ today features in our TellyTadka Moment of the day and as the requirement of the Segment, we have chosen that one scene that stood out from the rest of the lot……Guess karne ki zaroorat hi nahi padegi humari readers ko as the scene is none other than the Padmini-Madhu face off. Well technically it was not a face off but the effect unmistakably was one such.
Just like RK’s dream or rather his nightmare, Padmini had barged into the RK Mansion when she found out that Madhu was not with her friend but with RK and that tiny bit of news was more than enough for Padmini to lash out and this time at her daughter. One thing that particularly stood out in the sequence was how Padmini requested, ordered asked everybody else to keep away as the conversation was between a Mother-Daughter duo and nobody had the right to say anything.
“Maa RK bilkul Sahi keh rahe hai, Main iss ghar mein unke saat bohat Khush hoon”
 The moment she said those words, it was as though somebody had pulled the earth from beneath Padmini. Was this her daughte, her Madhu who was standing in front of her, saying these words? Something was definitely wrong and so she took to remind Madhu that this was the same Man who destroyed her life, this was the same Man who insulted her and shred her dignity into pieces. When Padmini sees that Madhu was not budging one bit, she lets her know that she doesn’t accept Madhu’s decision, and why would she? Why should she? From where Padmini is standing, from where she is seeing her daughter is gambling with her life. When NO Mother would stand by and watch their child gambling with their own life, this was Padmini we are talking about, even before Madhu was born, when she was growing in Padmini’s womb this mother had promised to protect her, promised to bring her into the world and protect her from every evil. And here Madhu was putting that very life at stake. Madhu may or maynot be taking revenge, but irrespective of all those factors and taking it at face value for Padmini, Madhu is deliberately putting her life at stake.
“Itni badi baat ko main nahi maanti…Na ek Maa ki Tarah, Na ek Aurat ki Tarah”
 Well the Maa/Mother part we already explained as the woman well yeh bhi sahi hai. Padmini was a fighter, to the best of her ability she stood up and fought the adversities that came in her life and her Madhu was bowing down, yes that’s right Madhu was bowing down before RK’s Ego, before his Arrogance…..and that was not the upbringing she gave Madhu. Padmini ji had taught her daughter to stand up and face every difficulty in life, Madhu was always a fighter but today she was reduced to the stature of a Weakling, how could any mother stand by and watch her own daughter disregard the principles and morals taught to her, instilled in her. Madhu was wronged by the man she loved, she was betrayed and her life was destroyed how was letting him back into her life the right thing to do? Madhu, who always knew to differentiate right from wrong, was willingly supporting WRONG.
As per the character requirement Padmini ji has always been shown as a strong women she escaped an abusive relationship to save her unborn baby and bring her into the world, a step that not every woman is capable of taking at that young an age. Padmini had brought up Madhu as a courageous young woman, who had the will to fight against the atrocities that happened, stand up against any adverse condition but sadly the Madhu that she before her was not the Madhu she recognized, the daughter that she knew and when the girl standing in front was not her daughter why give her any rights? Why not disown her and that’s exactly what Padmini does. 
“Tumhare muh se Maa shabd sunne mein mujhe bohat sharmindagi mehsoos ho rahi hai, kyunki maine jis beti ko janam diya hai woh yeh nahi hai”.
 The readers should bear in mind that this is the same mother who took pride in her daughter, her courage, her will power etc…. Even if fiction, one cannot even put into words the feelings, the emotions running through Padmini -The Mother.
Padmini is not only a righteous woman, she is also a righteous mother…Every time Madhu did/does something wrong Padmini has always reprimanded her, the most recent one would be the the slap when she came to know that she was with Sultan who was a Gangster. Here also she does not scold, reprimand or disown Madhu for choosing love, infact she acknowledged that it was right to fight for love but wrong to fight for love at the cost of her dignity, her self-respect which was what Madhu was doing. Madhu was giving herself to a man who did not love her, for whom she-Madhu was a nothing more than a Obstinacy. For Padmini her daughters mean everything, ek pal ke liye Padmini bhool sakti hai about the atrocities that she suffered, she can forget all that RK did to them, but not once will she forget the way she stood there listless and lifeless when RK dropped her at the Chawl, Madhu’s cry or her Pain. The dialogue that stood class apart in the entire sequence and the episode was 
” Pyaar mein mitt jaana alag hota hai, aur bik jaana alag”
 which were her parting words to Madhu which not only had a warning tone to it, but also had the sound of an advice.
Clearly Padmini aka Pallavi Purohit was the show stealer tonight. She excelled in her performance as the mother who was betrayed by her own daughter, the daughter who was this mother’s pride. The whole sequences brings back memories of Padmini Ji’s Curses to RK for ruining her daughter’s life but takes it up a notch this time considering that this was a completely different situation. Pallavi’s expressions, dialogue delivery, voice modulation everything was power packed…..The scene showcased to the “T” how righteous a woman Padmini Ji was, is and will be.
Author: Vijitha Rajan