april 17, 2013

Sound of Music – Heart’s True Calling? – Twists in Qubool Hai

Two Brides. Two Grooms. Reluctant Grooms. Willing Brides. Are any of them listening to the sound of music that their heart’s are playing? Engagement as Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) says is a life time commitment. However, both him and brother are playing the charade. Both out of compulsion. Real feelings are camouflaged under pretense. And what they cannot hear is what their inner voices are telling them. Qubool Hai is gearing up for a major upheaval in the lives of the protagonists. On one hand, mirror will be shown and they may just not like the real picture that the mirror reflects. Confronting one’s feelings where Asad Ahmed Khan is concerned is not the main issue, issue will happen when the truth about Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) will come to fore. What will happen to the feeling that have burgeoned and bloomed into love that is unstinting? Can feelings be turned off like a tap? Would he want to?

Zoya Farooqui has yet to realise her feelings for Asad. Add to this will be finding out the connection with Siddiquis. How will she deal with her own identity and her feelings for Asad who will perhaps reject her as a life partner? Will trying to find her identity lead to the depths of obscurity? Will she regret taking the journey of discovery? As that discovery may create what can only be called as cacophony that would drown out what her heart is singing (Yes, mitwa ishq pe zor nahi).

Aayan Ahmed Khan (Rishabh Sinha) the other reluctant Groom, coerced into a deal. He does not even get the first note of the music that Humeira Siddiqui’s heart sings. He is keeping promises. One of marrying Humeira and other of valuing someone who loves you. Will he be able to fulfill those promises?
Humeira Siddiqui (Ketki Kadam) blissful with earphones on, hears only the music that is playing on her stereo, unaware of the noise around. Lost in her dreams, she is not even questioning the agreement of the very man who had made her say no to engagement previously. Will she wake up and find that the melody she hears will be interrupted with noise of traffic, horns blaring? Can she not feel it in her heart that Ayaan is not the loving fiance she wishes for?

And then there is another sound of music, that will disrupt the surrounding. The music from the doll toy. What will Zoya do once she finds out the source of that music is her home, her father’s home? Will her advise to Ayaan change once she finds out Humeira is her half-sister? What will Asad do when he finds out Zoya is Gaffur Siddiqui’s daughter?
Qubool Hai, surely will keep you hooked with the twists and turns anticipated. The story is taking you through a roller coaster ride of intrigue, deceit and love. Kisine kaha hai, Ye Pyaar Insaan Se Kya Kuch Nahi Karwata?  Dekhtein hain inka pyaar inhen kahan le jaata hai. Ibtadaa-e-ishq mein saari raat jaage, Allah jaane kya hoga aage… is a song that comes to mind.
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