april 17, 2013

SaraswatiChandra: Saraswati Chandra to shower flowers at Kumud


The upcoming episode will bring a fun filled romantic track between Saraswati Chandra (Gautam Rode) and Kumud Sundari (Jennifer Winget) in SaraswatiChandra on Star Plus.
It is being shown that Kumud is upset with Saras after revelation of his marriage refusal truth to her family members.
Saraswati Chandra is trying hard to convince Kumud but she has asked him to keep distance from her.
It will now be shown that Saras will try to wake up Kumud by throwing flower petals at her.
Kumud will wake up but will shout at Saras for using such type of idea for waking her up.
Saras will innocently remind her instruction to him as maintaining distance from her.
Apart from this, Kumud will feel happy when Saraswati Chandra relishes food that she cooked.
Let’s see when this sweet-bitter fight between Saras and Kumud changes into love.