april 18, 2013

SaraswatiChandra: Kumud indirectly accepts Saras’s likes


Kumud (Jennifer Winget) and Saraswati Chandra’s (Gautam Rode) love story reached a different track in SaraswatiChandra on Star Plus.
It is being shown that Kumud had asked Saraswati Chandra staying away four feet from her.
However, Saras has also made up his mind to convince Kumud forgiving him for one time.
Saras has also realized that Kumud has feelings for him but does not wants to accept this.
It will now be shown that both Kumud and Saraswati Chandra will go to the market separately.
In the market Saraswati will choose green colors bangles for Kumud.
But Kumud will first choose different color bangles but later she will buy same bangles that Saras selected for her.
Apart from her, Saraswati Chandra will also save Kumud when she gets stuck in a rush.