april 24, 2013

Qubool Hai- Uff! Allah Miyaan whats wrong with you Mr. Khan?

Qubool Hai- Uff! Allah Miyaan whats wrong with you Mr. Khan?

Mumbai: In the recent episodes of Qubool Hai, we saw Zoya(Surbhi Jyoti) reached at Ayaan's place on the behalf 
of Asad(Karan Singh Grover) for Ayaan and Humaira's engagement ceremony to congratulate them but at the moment she got a hard slap from Humaira's ammi Razia because Humaira fainted after eating the poisoned sweets brought by Zoya. Miss. Farooqui did not knows that Tanveer has poisoned the sweets, Razia started cursing Asad's Ammi Dilshaad. Short tempered Asad starts blaming Zoya once again as he feels that whatever drama has happened just because Zoya's irresponsible attitude.

Asad asks Zoya to leave his house because of the ruckus happened at engagement ceremony. Asad thinks whatever has happened, it was all because of Zoya but we all know Tanveer had planned everything to trap Zoya.

Tanveer plays her card wisely and drilled several nonsense in Asad's mind for Zoya and he couldn't control his anger and tells Mr. Dhurendar that their engagement is not real and he wants Miss. Farooqui to leave his house.

Poor girl leaves the house and looks back again and again. Miss Farooqui must be thinking that Jahanpanaah will stop her but who cares, Mr. Asad not even comes to say good bye to her, Awww! How bad, so sad. 

But viewers don't get disheartened, yes now the show Qubool Hai will bring a million dollar smile to your face. After Zoya leaves for airport Asad will realize that what he has done with his love and he runs off to bring his love of life back.

Now it's time for some romantic drama, Mr. Khan reaches the airport, anyhow manages to get through the securities who think of him a terrorist. He juggles with security officials and screams for Zoya in the terminal. OMG it's too filmy, no?

Finally Asad finds Zoya, bends down on his knees, for what? Oh,,, ho,,, he apologies for whatever he did and now it's time for Zoya to blush,,, blush,,, blush because Asad gives her a ring. Oh come on, Miss Farooqui now your turn to ask, Uff! Aallah Miyaan what's wrong with you Mr. Khan

Now what will happen, will they happily ever after? No, no, no, if it has to be happened then whats the need of our great vamp Tanveer.