april 25, 2013

Qubool Hai Asad's marriage in 10 days Who's bride Zoya or Tanveer

The upcoming episode of Qubool Hai on ZEE TV will unfold a very interesting suspense drama in Asad's (Karan Singh Grover) marriage about who is going to become his wife.
It was last seen that Asad proposed Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) in front of everyone by making her to wear a ring.
Zoya started dreaming a new world with Asad by thinking that Asad loves her.
But Zoya’s dreams were broken when Asad revealed to his mother that he did all these just to stop Zoya to stay back.
Asad who is confused to identify his feelings for Zoya, got more tensed when Zoya complained him for his cold hearted nature.
On the other hand, Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) who wants to get married to Asad is trying to harm Zoya.
Tanveer tried to kill Zoya by giving her a electric shock.
Asad spoiled Tanveer's plan by saving Zoya’s life.
Asad is very much concerned for Zoya and he is not ready to see her in any pain.
The upcoming episode will show that Dilshad will take a big decision in Asad’s life.
Dilshad will tell Asad that he will be married in 10 days.
Asad has started to develop soft feelings for Zoya but Dilshad’s decision will change Asad’s life.
Dilshad who likes both Tanveer and Zoya but she feels that Tanveer can become good wife for Asad.
Let’s see if Dilshad’s this decision will separate Asad and Zoya forever.