april 18, 2013

Qubool Hai - 17th April, 2013 - Written Update

Ayaan’s residence:

Razia is surprised to see who is the lady in the burqa. as she goes to approach her, she is distracted by a guest, to see the ring. Zoya takes Ayaan aside, who wonders who this is, and is shocked when he finds its Zoya. She assures him that Asad would come.

Zoya places a cctv camera, so that Asad can see the whole ceremony through the camera in his house, and he can see Asad’s face too, and it also has a recording facility that he can forever capture these moments. Ayaan wonders if Asad would see it. She says that Asad wouldn't miss it for anything in the world, as he loves Ayaan dearly, and he might not show it, as he isn't challenged emotionally, but the fact that he has seen so much in such less time, that he has grown resistant to display of emotions, but its not that he doesn't feel them. And therefore she assures him that Asad would definitely watch it.

Asad’s residence and Dhurandhar’s office:

Tanveer changes the sim on her mobile, and calls up Dhurandhar, who is extremely pleased, that she goes through so much trouble, for the sake of the nation, that she calls him from different numbers. She says that Asad and Zoya are lying about the engagement time and date. As Tanveer cancels the phone, he tells this to dolly. He plans to catch Zoya red handed. He tells dolly that the love that Zoya and Asad show are all a pretense, and she is in fact a criminal.

Tanveer sees the camera arrangements in Asad’s room. She gets Zoya’s call reminding her of her work after 10 minutes. Tanveer asks if she took the gifts right. Zoya says that she did so perfectly, and that Tanveer just needs to hold the fort there. Tanveer smirks remembering how she had tampered with the sweets, by putting poison, thinking that this would destroy Razia’s happiness and Zoya would be blamed for it.

Ayaan’s and Asad’s residence:

Tanveer sees the ring, and thinks that even if he wants to engage with Zoya, she wont let it happen. hearing a knock on the door, she keeps the ring back, and takes an incoming Asad to the room, saying that she wants to show him something. Asad complies.

While Ayaan is talking to Zoya, Razia sees her, and as she approaches Ayaan, he introduces Zoya, who drapes herself in the veil again, as Humaira’s friend. Razia is suspicious but she doesn't say anything. She takes Ayaan to meet guests.

Zoya thinks of charging the camera’s adapter, but is unaware that the room that she has entered is Humaira’s, who asks what is she doing. Zoya compliments on her beauty, and tells that she needn't have gotten ready at the fashion show, as Ayaan would have fallen in love with her eventually. Humaira remembers how Zoya had helped her in the college, and thanking her wishes to see Zoya’s face. As she begins to unveil, she stops hearing a knock on the door. As Humaira says that it might be her mother, Zoya hides citing that she is an uninvited guest. Opening the door, mamujaan enters.

Mamu is very emotional thinking that his daughter has grown so big. Zoya sees the father daughter duo and is emotional herself, unaware that she is in fact looking at her own father. Mamujaan gives a gift to Humaira saying that she had made it with his own hands for his daughter, but couldn't give as Razia wanted her to grow older, as she would have broken it otherwise. He blesses her to be happy always. He leaves.

Seeing him leave, Zoya leaves in a haste, but she is confronted by Razia, who asks about her. Humaira says that its her friend, Gul. But Razia remembers that Ayaan had told her name was Nazma. Zoya makes up a story for it, and excuses herself. Zoya thinks that the ceremony is about to start, and Asad should be seated by now.

On the other hand, Asad tells Tanveer that he’s very upset. Tanveer says that she knows about it from Zoya. Asad asks what did she tell her. She asks him to sit down , and see the video footage live, where Zoya gives him a thumbs up in the camera.

He immediately calls up Zoya, who asks her to move out right now. Zoya says that she cant hear him properly, and asks how did she like the gift, and then not letting him talk, she tells him to sit back and enjoy. As Zoya cancels the call, Asad reprimands Zoya for her foolishness, and wonders what if anyone ever see her there.

Humaira opens the gift and finds that its the same doll showpiece that Zoya has. When Zoya hears the same tune playing, she is shocked and turns around to find out where is it coming from, as it reminds her of her father, and how she loved that tune, from the last memory of her father. she starts walking in that direction, while Humaira is mesmerized looking at it, overwhelmed with emotions. The screen freezes on Zoya’s tensed face.

Precap: Celebration is full on at Ayaan’s residence, where Nikhat and Nuzrat are dancing. Zoya feeds sweets laced with poison. Soon the poison begins to show, and Humaira goes unconscious. As Razia sees this, she turns around to face Zoya and unveils her face. Asad and his family are watching the entire feed live. Razia slaps Zoya. Ayaan and his family are shocked. And Asad and his family are also shocked and sorry for Zoya. Asad is very angry.