april 23, 2013

Love, Pyaar, Ishq, Mohabbat And Desperation In Qubool Hai!!

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4 Lions Films hit show Qubool Hai on ZEE TV, which was first seen on the television screens on October 29, 2012 was a instant hit with the audiences and it clicked at the 9:30 PM slot for the channel. The reason for Qubool Hai to work with the audiences might be because of its freshness, because of actor Karan Singh Grover or the leading on-screen chemistry. Week after week the story of Qubool Hai keeps entertaining the audiences more and more. A feeling of bliss and contentment is what one feels when he or she experiences the feeling of being ‘loved’. There is no better feeling for a person than to know that they are loved by someone. This emotion of love fills ones life with happiness and joy. Love is an emotion such that one can never say how, when and why they fall in love. Love just happens, at times love can be suppressed, but can never be hidden and seems like this is the phase that Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) are undergoing in Qubool Hai. With this phase underway, the creatives are keeping the audiences hooked to their show like no other.
Love, Pyaar, Ishq, Mohabbat all this mean the same, these emotions when felt cannot be deciphered or neither can they decode and analyze the feeling of love. Love is an emotion which has its own awkward attribute that one can ever guess why and when he/she will fall in love with a particular person. Love tends to finds its way, which is exactly what the audiences are going to witness in the coming up episodes of Qubool Hai. Audiences have already witnessed Asad and Zoya going through a volley of untold, unsaid, and unknown emotions. Where perhaps Asad is left controlling his inner self, from the rising closeness with Zoya, destiny has waved its charm. The audience witnessed Asad announcing to the immigration officer Dhurandar Bhatvadekar (Rakesh Bedi) and his assistant Dolly (Juhi Aslam) that he and Zoya are preparing for their upcoming engagement. On the other hand Zoya who feels she should stay away from Asad ends up feeling jealous of Asad and Tanveer’s (Amarpali Gupta) friendship. After witnessing the reactions from Asad and Zoya,  we are sure the audience might have thought ‘If this is not love then what is love’, being the writer of the article and a regular viewer of the show even I had the same thought.  Asad and Zoya’s subtle movements and gestures indicate the untold law of attraction which they feel for each other. Their feeling of restlessness perhaps are the awaking signs of  love, that is crystal clear as how one can see their reflection in the pure deep blue sea. We would be right in saying that the emotion of love is there in their (Asad and Zoya) heart and soul, ‘bas kehne kii dair hai’.
Asad Ahmed Khan, is the man who never wanted to fall in love due to his immense fears of hurting the person whom he loves, just like his father did. However his heart didn’t comply with his mind. Slowly, but steadily it has indeed started beating for Zoya Farooqui, a girl who was a mere guest at his house has now become part of his family. Zoya Farooqui who was determined to locate her father could not help, but get attached to her protector and silent supporter Asad Ahmed Khan. His presence reflected as she took each step closer to discovering her long lost father, has now become her pillar of strength and soul-mate. They may fight or argue, they may have differences of  opinion, or just sit with each other brooding in silence, but they spark with magic when together. Their eyes, their silence speak louder than words,  indicating their love towards each other. For Asad’s heart, Zoya is his refuge and for Zoya’s heart , Asad is her refuge.
The viewers further very recently saw Zoya attending Ayaan’s (Rishabh Sinha) engagement, where yet again Zoya falls in the pit of trouble because Tanveer had mixed poison in the sweets Zoya was taking to the engagement ceremony. Razia (Alka Kaushal) who is already insecure about Zoya’s truth being out in front of her husband, slaps Zoya. Asad, Dilshad (Shalini Kapoor Sagar), Najma (Neha Laxmi Iyer) who are watching the live feed of the engagement, watch as Razia spills venom against Zoya and Dilshad. For Asad it seems like he is doubly hurt as his mother and his Zoya have been insulted and then in the fit of irrationality  Asad tells Dhurandar that his engagement with Zoya was just a farce. From the audiences point of view many might feel Asad is wrong and is hurting Zoya, but we ought to wonder if Asad is sending Zoya away to keep her away from any hurt in the future. By sending Zoya far away from him, is it his defense mechanism to protect Zoya from further humiliation that would come her way if at all she gets close to him and his family. On the other hand their is Zoya who is hurt because of Asad and is all set to leave Asad’s home and is being deported back to New York. Love surely makes one do strange things and amidst all these it is two young hearts which unknowingly have started beating for each other. It is the heart and soul of the lead protagonist of Qubool Hai, Asad and Zoya, which is bleeding in pain and in shed, un-shed tears, expressed and unexpressed pent up feelings.
They say you realize a persons importance only when they go farther from your reach and seems like this is what is going to happen in the coming up episodes of Qubool Hai. Asad who has uttered the truth of his fake engagement with Zoya in front of the immigration officer will have the dawn of realization of loosing his very own musibath whom he has got used to and now is at the verge of loosing for ever. The audience can heave a sigh of relief as better late then never, Zoya’s Akdoo Ahmed Khan will rush to the airport to stop his Ms. Farooqui, his musibath. They say it is better to stay away from the problem rather than get it home, but contrary to this the audiences in the coming up episodes will witness Asad getting back Zoya Farooqui to his place claiming a right over his personal musibath by placing a ring on her ring-finger, may be this is love. Though Asad refers to Zoya as Musibath, it seems as though she is ‘His Musibath’ and for a person like Asad for whom the ceremony of a engagement or a wedding is so pure, this gesture towards Zoya surely means a lot to him and it gives out the loud and clear message of the love Asad has harbored in his heart for Zoya Farooqui. The audiences can be rest assured that Zoya is not going anywhere and Asad will get her back to where she belong, close to him, his home.
Ever heard of opposites attract, we are sure you must have heard it. Asad and Zoya have become the prime example of opposites attract on the small screen currently. They may be as different as the earth and the skies, but for the two of their ‘Kshitij’ is their ‘Love’, their ‘Pyar’, their ‘Ishq’, ‘their Mohabbat’ and their ‘Desperation’ to be with each other. The emotion of love is the binding factor which connects the two of them, making them crossover every obstacle in their way. In all probability this time when Asad has rightfully adorned Zoya’s ring finger with a ring of his name, Asad and Zoya will still make or try to make the other believe the engagement is a farce, but the truth in their eyes will be far away from it. Even now Asad, Zoya might voice their love or they might not but the fact remains that love is buried in their hearts for the other, whether expressed, unexpressed, hidden or dodge the love which Asad, Zoya have for the other will be ‘Out In The Open’ sooner or later.
Seeing by the way the things are progressing in the show we ought to wonder if Asad and Zoya will realize their love for each other or does Tanveer have some bigger scheming up her sleeve . Will it be ‘Love Calling’ for the lead protagonist of Qubool Hai,  Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui which will make them voice their unsaid emotions, that is something to be waited and watched out for. But for now the audience can rejoice in happiness and in glee that Asad Ahmed Khan is not letting Zoya Farooqui go anywhere rather by putting a ring on Zoya’s ring finger he has marked her as his and solely his, we don’t think Zoya would mind that and we are sure neither would the audience mind it. 
And further it seems like Tanveer who is plotting and planning against Asad and Zoya, will leave her innocent behavior out the door, while leaving a clue regarding her vile intentions. While Dilshad might as well realize that her strict son Asad Ahmed Khan, has fallen in love with the jovial, happy go lucky Zoya Farooqui. As they say, a mother is the one who knows her child the best! What is to come in the show only time will tell. For now it is time for the audience to sit back and enjoy the sweet, khatti-meeti nokh-jhok’s between Asad Zoya and also live Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui’s ‘Engaged’ phase with the two of them.
We at Fuze convey our heart warming congratulations to Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui on their engagement.
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Author: Surya Ravi
Editor: A. Patel
Graphics & Banner: Ranita Kakkar