juni 09, 2013

Zoya's cute and innocent acting make her different from the rest of lead actresses.

Zoya Ahmed Farooqui played by beautiful and effervescent Surbhi Jyoti is like a breeze of fresh air. Surbhi is playing this role brilliantly by her innocent but effective expressions. Zoya is always confused and that makes her role cute. Surbhi has got into the skin of the character, her acting is very natural and doesn't look made up.

Zoya and Asad are currently the most loved couple on Indian Television right now. Surbhi has taken her task of wooing the audience by Zoya's innocence very seriously and has successfully taken over. She is different from many other leading ladies of tinsel town. Heavy duty melodrama, makeup, extra dose of  expressions are not Surbhi's forte. She plays her part in a very simple manner.
There is Madhubala who is mad for RK, we can see how melodramatic that character becomes sometimes, there is Anandi who can cry at the drop of a hat. Gopi bahu whose role I think is little unbelievable, how can a girl tolerate non sense happening in her house for so long?? Then we have Priya, who has become a house hold name just because of Sakshi Tanwar's amazing acting.
But, Zoya is an extremely well chalked out character of a modern Muslim girl who knows her values and traditions yet she is aware of her rights. She knows what she is doing. She is a big supporter of women empowerement. Though she acts like an innocnet baby when it comes to her love for Asad but Zoya's story is different than many other bahus & betiyaan of small screen. Zoya is a 'girl next door' with no frills, or complexities, she has her own opinions. Girls can relate to her character.
Zoya is fun loving, pretty and full of life but she is not foolish. She has morals and is here with a goal. Her scenes in the show are very refreshing especially when there are small romantic encounters with Asad miyaan. Though Surbhi is a Punjabi girl, she is doing full justice to Zoya's character. Her mannerisms, her Urdu accent is highly commendable. Qubool Hai has really infused  a new life into daily soaps which are flooded with Gujarati and Maharashtrian families. The drama of a Muslim household is a fresh concept. We had Hinna serial in 90's which was a huge hit among audiences. After a long time, Qubool Hai has broken the cliche.
Coincidentally,  Surbhi had  played Muslim girl Mehtab in her first play and is playing a Muslim girl again in her first Hindi daily soap ever. According to Surbhi, the character came very easily to her and she didn't need any cues during the audition. Though she is quite similar to her on-screen character — they both don't like serious people and cricket is their favorite sport — there are also a lot of differences. She observes, "While I don't like eating outside, Zoya only eats pizza. And I hate pizza. Only I know how I have shot scenes where I was required to dig into pizzas. In real life, I am a cleanliness freak and Zoya is messy."
Well, Surbhi I must say you are a gifted actress and your hard work is really paying off. We hope Zoya continues her zest for life and soon gets her love Asad. Do share your views and feedback about this on Twitter-iDubba and set reminders for your favorite shows on iDubba app..