juni 22, 2013

Parmeet or Soham, Who will Marry Bani in Bani Ishq Da Kalma?

Colors’ youngest show Bani – Ishq Da Kalma produced by Mystic – An Entertainment Company and Colosseum Media Pvt. Ltd is going through an interesting phase where Manpreet (Parmeet’s Mom) suggests that Bani be married to Parmeet’s photo so that the they wouldn’t have to go through the humiliation and torture of waiting.
Desho declined the proposal and the crew decides to wait for Parmeet, the precap suggest Desho asking Soham to marry her daughter which leaves him in a fix.Now here comes the interesting part Soham will agree to marry Bani who is already in love with the latter when Parmeet the actual NRI Groom makes his entry.
The turn of events will put Desho in a fix as she has asked Soham to marry her daughter and Parmeet who was supposed to be the groom has made his entry. What will Desho do now? She always wanted her daughter to get married to an NRI, so will she go ahead with what was decided and break Soham’s heart or will another twist in tale lead to Bani getting married to Soham?
Will Rano’s request of not getting Bani married off to an NRI take effect? Well tune into Colors tonight at 10:30 PM to watch the drama unfold.
Edited By: Vijitha Rajan