juni 13, 2013

Madhubala:EIEJ- The Mystery surrounding the KUNDRA’s

Hello and welcome all before we start here is Congratulating the Newly Wed Reel Life Couple RK and Madhubala!!!
193 Madhubala:EIEJ  The Mystery surrounding the KUNDRAs
Now that the wedding is done, looks like the CV’s have shifted their focus to bring about the Parallel Story aka Sultan’s backstory to the fore, and so far they have done a neat and fabulous Job. They have gone the tried and tested path…there is nothing unusual about the back story except for the way it has been scripted and executed. That is where the MB Team Scores……Even the most used formulas can be appealing if executed well and the MB team have done a splendid job in that section.The CV’s of Madhubala has always proved they mettle of creating new unexpected twists time and again and this time too they do the same…who would have thought that the CV’s would come up with such a back story and that Mr.Gautam Hegde would do such an amazing Job with a twist that was the least expected?
The treatment given to the track is going good, its just 2 episodes and so early to tell but what has been shown so far has been applause worthy. The most important factor that the makers have kept in mind is that they should be as logical as possible and an attempt to the same does show….Sultan does not just believe Rashid who so far is nothing to him but a Drunkard and a man he thought was his Father, he tries to scare him to tell the truth and still couldn’t come to terms with what was being said when KaKa intervened and confirmed that all Rashid was telling was true…..The highlight of the scene was Sultan’s reaction being a Gangster, you expect him to take drastic measure, to act on an impulse for being kept in Darkness all this while instead he gets the biggest shocker of his life which jolts him inside out as he tries to find out where his mother was.
HTQtVVR Madhubala:EIEJ  The Mystery surrounding the KUNDRAs
Zarina Ji has always been a treat to watch on screen be it TV or the Silver Screen, and she slips into the garb of Meera real eloquently. The first interaction sequence between Avinesh and Zarina Ji, where she comes running, trying desperately to get away from the Asylum, asking help etc were flawlessly portrayed and marked the entry of Meera into the Show and Storyline….. As the story progresses we get to know that the Mohan, Meera mentioned was none other than Mohan Kundra and that Sultan was the formers Son. In the FB mode the viewers are given a clearer picture of how Mohan Kundra used to be and it was nothing like what was sketched in the memories of RK (RK’s FB’s) ….. In Rashid’s words Mohan Kundra was a chronic womanizer, was behind Meera, married her chori chupke and then went missing one fine when he was neck deep in debts only to come back with a new life and wife Radha thus having no time or space to accommodate Meera anymore. The 2nd Part of the story (Come Back) by bits and pieces looked inspired from Om Shanti Om …especially the mention of Radha Ji’s Father paying huge amount to MK to resurrect his bombing business, and taking MK under his wings.
Hj4FJFH 300x201 Madhubala:EIEJ  The Mystery surrounding the KUNDRAsWhat was interesting about the episode was that here was a Son who had the misfortune of hearing his story, his parent’s story from another man. 30 Years he was kept in darkness, only to find out everything that happened in a span of less than 24 Hours, his world had turned upside down in just one day. The one point that needs to be mentioned, clarified is how Mohan got hold of the baby, or in Rashid’s words the Blue –Eyed baby and handed it over to Nazia and Rashid? Plus Rashid only mentions that MK called him, and when he came he brought this kid along, nothing else was mentioned which paves way for loads of questions…..but since it’s just 2 days, the CV’s have ample time to play their cards……which by the way they are doing meticulously. The way Sultan kept insisting on hearing the truth, and just the truth and the various expressions that Avinesh gave tonight is truly worth praising…..Sultan is a character who is required to be restrained and Avinesh does a Fabulous job on that front, very rarely do we get to see him come out of that barrier he has drawn fo himself because this is not a loud character…..but today there was pain, there was rage and hurt….The moment he looks at his Mom’s barren fore head (Sooni Maang) had to be the best moment of the lot.
a8Z1NwB 300x244 Madhubala:EIEJ  The Mystery surrounding the KUNDRAsSpecial Mention to Kannan Arunachalam who plays Rashid, as he has done a remarkable Job…..be it the drunk act, or expressing the fear one instance, changing his demeanor the next when he finds out that he has a upper hand since he is one of the two who knows tha real story etc etc….The change in expression, the change in attitude, voice modulation Mr. Arunacham does a fabulous Job….Same goes for Zarina Ji who undoubtedly was the show stealer…..She portrays a Mentally ill/unstable person in the show, and that d9 300x230 Madhubala:EIEJ  The Mystery surrounding the KUNDRAsmeans you expect a lot of screaming, shouting howling etc, because that’s the way such characters are almost always pictured…..but since her entry the only Violence she has shown, is the moment her eyes fall on Rashid and she realizes who he was. She is hurt, she is in pain, a pain that she has been carrying with her for the past 30 Years…The CV’s have taken special care that the character is not too loud as it would have lost its charm and so far the way it’s written has been executed to the ‘T’ by Zarina Ji.
Now coming to the High Point of the Episode, undoubtedly it has to be the Split Screen Shots with RK-Radha Maa on one side and Sultan-Meera Maa on the other side. It was a window to their lives, and a scene indicating that the contrasts and comparisons need be made…
anigif14 Madhubala:EIEJ  The Mystery surrounding the KUNDRAs
Starting from the settings that is RK-Radha are at a more happy, more brighter place just like their lives that is shining bright with the happy moment that just took place (Wedding) while Sultan and Meera are at a more dull, lifeless place (Asylum) where Meera has been held for the past 30 Years. RK happy with Radha, Radha smiling, RK Smiling…Sultan still not able to fathom the state of his mother, Meera in pain and tears and bothe the sons placing a hand of assurance on the shoulder of their respective moms…….Screen Plat top Notch !!! Editing Superb!!!!
246 Madhubala:EIEJ  The Mystery surrounding the KUNDRAs
The show is sure taking an interesting route…..Wonder what Googly the CV’s will throw in Madhubala:EIEJ.
Author: Vijitha Rajan