juni 07, 2013

Diya aur Baati Hum: “Will Sandhya succeed in finding the Culprit?”

When it comes to Suraj, Bhabho neither forgives nor forgets and that’s exactly what is happening…..She can’t tolerate it when Suraj is in pain, at loss etc and what has happened in Suraj’s Sweets Shop is not something that will go down well with Bhabho and this is exactly what is happening in the show.
Sandhya and Bhabho have come to the conclusion that one out of the 3 ladies aka Meena, Emily and Chavi is the tru culprit, the one responsible for the “Rat Attack” in Suraj’s shop causing for a huge loss not only in the sweet shop but also with regard to the DSP’s order.
Meena is Smart, but somehow she keeps forgetting that Sandhya is smarter. Meena is happy that this time around there is Emily and Chavi too who she can use to her benefit thus misguiding Sandhya, but Meena keeps forgetting the Name she assigned to Sandhya “Thanedhaarni”…Yeap it may take a while for Sandhya but at the end of it Meena will be caught, but exposed and brought before Bhabo? Well that is something we’ll have to wait and watch.
Presently Sandhya has her doubts on all because there are evidences that force her to doubt all, but Bhabho needs that one name that was responsible for the entire destruction that took place in the Sweet Shop that lead to its closure for 2 Days. As usual it was a treat to see Meena panic at the thought of being exposed, goes on to show that somewhere she too acknowledged that Sandhya will get to the bottom of things. Meena has been doing all in her power to divert the suspicion towards Chavi and Emily, and the two also have reasons to be afraid off, but with every step that Meena takes she forgets that in her attempt to get a clean chit she may actually unknowingly leave clues behind for Sandhya to follow.
The scene where Sandhya finds the sweet box in Emily and Mohit’s room, but does not stop her investigation there but continues further to find the Box smelling of Baby powder…it reminds of the time when Sandhya finds Lemon Seed in the vessel when Meena desperately tries to stop Sandhya from leaving the Rathi Mansion so that she would miss the function. The powder on the sweet boxes and it smelling of the same has led Sandhya to the conclusion as of now that either Chavi who went to Suraj’s shop to make the call or Meena who has immense liking for sweets has left the shop half open which has led to the Rat attack, but how will Sandhya find out who between the two is the real culprit? Only time will tell…..
The most interesting aspect of the track is that knowingly or unknowingly Bhabho has accepted that Sadhya is not cut out for the usual household Bahu, that she has extraordinary skills one that fits her dream profession to the “T”…. Bhabho may taunt Sandhya about the same, but somewhere in that taunt that is acceptance of Sandhya’s intelligence and skills, how else would you explain her choosing Sandhya to find out the culprit? She could have very well asked somebody else to do it but she too acknowledges that Sandhya will do the task to perfection. Sandhya has given her enough and more reasons to come to this conclusion and so even if indirect it indeed were an acknowledgment from Bhabho’s side.
The track is undoubtedly doing wonders for the show, and the precap simply suggests that thing are going to get worse for Sandhya which means tht show is going to get more exciting as Sandhya now truly has a Maze to solve.
Do let us know your views on the episode.
Author: Vijitha Rajan