juni 07, 2013

The World of Mini iPad, Mini Skirts and Minuscule Minds – Qubool Hai Addresses Cultural Values and Differences!

Technology has moved leaps and bounds. From microwaves to iPad Mini, everything is handy and fast. The world has progressed. And so has fashion. From being fully clothed in 18th century to mini skirts and hot pants. We had addressed the issue of whether man maketh the clothes or vice versa and in Qubool Hai’s episode, similar thought has been weaved in. Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti), lashes out at Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) with a “Yeh mere kapde hain, mera character nahin.” She pointed out how to him the persona that one projects made more difference than the person itself. And yes, we also believe. There is more to a person than what he wears.

So, coming to the minuscule minds. There are examples of that in Qubool Hai. Whether it is Razia Siddiqui (Alka Kaushal), Shireen Ahmed Khan (Shabnam Sayed) or even Asad Ahmed Khan. Have they gotten the wrong end of the stick where it comes to tradition? Is tradition only about clothes? Yes, it does represent a certain culture, but is it the very fabric of culture? (Pun intended!).
Isn’t culture about what values we carry? Isn’t it about respecting others thoughts and ideas? Isn’t tolerance part of culture? Well, whether it about dressing appropriately or being with the culture one is surrounded with, it is something one has to balance. We have heard arguments to the effect that if your clothing makes someone else uncomfortable how can one sport it? Did Zoya flout that? She wore in the house, only to show it to Najma Ahmed Khan (Nehalaxmi Iyer). Even though Dishaad Ahmed Khan was aghast and she wanted to say something to Zoya but did that mean that she is against anyone wearing a mini skirt? Perhaps not. It just was an inopportune moment when Maulvi Sahab was present. It is the respect you give to the person.
Is progress to be shunned? Whether it is in form of technology, clothing or even culture? Has India not moved ahead from times when women only wore Saris? Don’t many of the women in Urban India wear clothes that they are comfortable with without having to worry about eve teasing or even molestation? Does statistic say that women who wear mini-skirts are likely to get molested more as they project a culture that is fast and loose? Every culture has its set of appropriateness and each culture adapts with every generation that it moves forward. Kya hamara India progress kar raha hai?
Lets talk. It is about culture and embracing new things, different things. And yes we are not talking about religious norms. As we believe religion is something one practices, as a way of life and one determines how one wants to live.
Watch Qubool Hai, not just for the favorites but for broader messages that address our Indian Culture that is secular and adapting. A blend of rich heritage from Harrapans to  Mahavira to Buddhas; from Mauryas to Mughals to British. The 21st century India is about technology, progress. Qubool Hai brings you every shade of life, from viciousness to grandeur of love, from revenge to depth of pain and yes some comic relief to absurdity of circumstance that will leave you in mirth. A Kaleidoscope of human emotions. Qubool Hai airs at 9:30pm, Monday to Friday on Zee TV.