juni 12, 2013

The Real People Behind the Characters – The cast of Qubool Hai

We at Forum 32 bring you news, interviews, behind the scene segments and pictures that give you glimpse into what is happening on the set and the story. We captured some moments with the cast of Qubool Hai. The real people behind the characters you watch on the show Qubool Hai on Zee TV every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm.

We have met all of the cast and yes there are some who do not like to be clicked while others enjoy posing for us as we share a rapport. Vidhya Sinha who plays Badi Bi in the series, liked what we clicked and asked us to send pictures as well. She is one of the most down to earth actors we have met. She is humble, sits with us and chats and even calls us “beta”. Warm with an ever present smile she jokes about the hair. We had a laugh when we had talked about her being hung from the ceiling or even how she or rather her character is out wit Razia Siddiqui.

Talking about Razia Siddiqui, Alka Kaushal plays her to a level where perhaps hatred for a character gives a new meaning. Deviousness redefined, Razia is one criminal mind that hatches plans faster than we can blink. We speak with Alka and she is such a lovely person and when we asked her how does she feel playing this negative character, she smiles. Her answer is that she loves it and enjoys it even more when people hate her character. She catches up on forums how her character is disliked and of course the praise that she is a fabulous actor.

Tej Sapru who plays Gaffur Ahmed Siddiqui is another down to earth person. Always gets up for ladies and is welcoming. Non of the airs of a very senior actor who has done loads of movies. Conversations with him are fun and informative. The real person is charming and courteous. This is just an example of our interactions. We have not seen him lately, but yes whenever he is shooting one can enjoy watching him work so effortlessly.

Vaquar Shaikh is a fun guy. In one of our conversations we talked about him playing Criminal Case on Facebook. His camaraderie with the rest of the cast is fun to watch. He is a guy who loves to give one liners. One the thing he treats us with is the coffee, specially made by his man-friday. Strong, dark and amazing.

Shalini Kapoor is the ultimate on poise and grace. She is Dilshaad Ahmed Khan personified. She is not just the person she is on-screen but off-screen as well. Be it her affection for Karan, Nehalaxmi and Surbhi, she is equally effervescent and loving to the other co-stars. Even with us, we share things that go beyond two people sharing space on set. Our talks have veered to personal and that is the person she is, embracing. Simply lovely is what we have to say about her.

Karan Singh Grover. The goofy man who really is this ball of energy who keeps wandering around the set, talking with everyone. As Asad Ahmed Khan he is stoic, calm but when in the mood (as sometimes, the scene demands that he maintain the mood off camera as well), he is one of the easiest person to get along with. Charming is one word that comes to mind, but the genuineness that he has would only make you like the man even more. Sharing a chemistry with him helps us get great pictures and interviews.

Surbhi Jyoti who is our very own Zoya Farooqui is a girl after our hearts. She is chirpy, jovial and fun to be with. Whether it is eating Maggi together or eating biscuits, driving back from the set with blaring music and wishing there was a party soon is our usual conversation. She even told Gul Khan (Producer and Director, 4 Lions Films), that she definitely wanted a party when the show completes 200th episode to which Gul had agreed smilingly. Dancing is something Surbhi loves and so is great music. Playing DJ in our car is her part time job (Or shall we say payment for giving a ride home?).

Nehalaxmi Iyer who plays Najma Ahmed Khan is the sweetest thing (reminds us of the song “The sweetest thing” by U2). She is divine. Sweet, warm and forever worrying about her weight. She also enjoys posing for us. We really love her. A gorgeous person besides having a gorgeous smile.

Now coming to Nikhat Ahmed Khan (Archana Taide), Nuzzat Ahmed Khan (Farina Parvez) and Humeira Siddiqui (Ketki Kadam) are girls unlimited. They are friends off -screen, share room, food and laughs together. Not that Surbhi is not part of this gang. In fact, Surbhi and Ketki get along famously. Archana has a fine demeanor and she feels contrite when we ask her for an interview with her husband, Ashish Sharma of TV show Rab Sona Ishq  (Zee TV) and movie Love, Sex and Dhoka. We are trying to get an interview with them for you all. InshAllah we will get that soon.

Shireen Ahmed Khan played by Shabnam Sayed is a worrier. She laments about her hair not looking right, or if it looks alright when it is tied. She is someone who will always be self critical and feels her photographs do not do her justice and ensures whatever we click is first shown to her and approved, else deleted if she does not like it.

Vikrant Massey, the new Ayaan Ahmed Khan, is getting in the skin of the character. He is very conscious of the still camera and in-between shots he usually paces the floor thinking about his scene, rarely still, so posing for us is out of question. Whatever candids we manage to take are like gems. He smiles sheepishly when we say, what would it take for you to stand still for a moment.

Tanveer. Of course, not a character that is liked much by the viewers and we asked the actor Amrapali Gupta how she feels about this and she only has this to say, “As long as people hate Tanveer, I am doing my job right.” Sharing a rapport with co-stars, Amrapali is a quiet person who sticks to her green room or her phone (perhaps playing a game, we think). All in all, a very likeable person in real and thanks us whenever we write an article about her

All the actors are such an eclectic bunch, each giving a shade to different kind of person but one common thread that runs amongst all of them is love for acting. They are artists. Whether they are conscious of the still camera or not, once the moving camera is on, they are in their act.
A fine set of people. Keep watching them in your favorite show, Qubool Hai.