juni 07, 2013

Story of an antique sword related to a murder in Arjun!

Lots of drama and suspense in yet another mystery for the viewers of Four Lions' popular crime thriller show Arjun. In the upcoming tracks of the show, a mysterious murder will be happening which will be cracked by Arjun(Shaleen Malhotra) and his team ETF.
Telling us the story our source says that, "In the upcoming episode of Sunday, an argument happens in the family on selling of an antique sword owned by the head of the family. The financial condition of the family is not good and it is expected that if the sword will be sold then the family can make a good amount of money from that but the head of the family Vishnu refuses to sell because of his sentiments attached to it."
"Next morning, Vishnu is found dead in his room. It looks like an asthma attack in the first look but later it is found that the sword is missing too. After investigation, Arjun and ETF suspect that the murder has happened due the argument which has happened due to the sword."
How will this murder mystery be cracked by the ETF? Is the murderer one of the family members? It will be interesting to watch how this murder mystery will unfold. 

Anwesha Kamal