juni 07, 2013

SSK: Khushi to expose fake Roli (Jhumki) with Jhumki fingerprints

SSK: Khushi to expose fake Roli (Jhumki) with Jhumki fingerprintsKhushi (Jyotsna Chandola) is trying all her efforts to unmask the fake Roli Jhumki (Avika Gor) in Sasural Simar Ka on Colors with fingerprints.
Khushi and Veeru (Vishal Singh Kashyap) know the truth about Jhumki not being the real Roli but they find it hard to expose her reality before the Bharadwaj family.
Bharadwaj family’s property is in Roli’s name and Roli died in an accident but her body was not found.
Simar however bumped into Roli’s look alike Jhumki, and trained her as Roli so that Bharadwaj property remains safe and goes back to Mataji with Roli’s signatures on it.
Khushi who’s plans failed so far has come up with something new, to cross verify Jhumki’s fingerprints with that of Roli’s, while Veeru has gone to Jhumki’s village to get her background details.
Khushi and Veeru who almost got close to getting hold of the Bharadwaj property but failed because of Roli’s efforts are not leaving any chance now, as they will try all they can to prove that Jhumki  is fake Roli.
Time will tell whether Simar and Prem will be able to save Jhumki this time, or whether Jhumki will finally be exposed by Khushi and Veeru.