juni 13, 2013

Some more dramebaazi in store for Bani- Ishq Da Kalma

Mumbai: As we all know that there are marriage bells ringing in Bani – Ishq Da Kalma, a popular daily soap of colors channel. Viewers are already very excited about the action happening in the serial, but it seems that the show makers want to add some more drama and interesting element to it.

The director of the show Nandita Mehra , has plann
Some more dramebaazi in store for Bani- Ishq Da Kalmaed to cater some more drama to its audience. As it is known to the audience that marriages of both the sisters Bani ( Shefali Sharma ) and Rajji ( Neha Bagga ) is going to happen with Parmeet ( Gaurav Chaudhary ) and Ambreek respectively.

But a twist is waiting for all the viewers as there might arise a question that will the marriage happen?

According to sources, there may arise a twist in the tale while the marriage Prepration are going on. It might happen that marriages get postponed as Parmeet cannot return back to India from US, and even Ambreek is not interested in getting married so when Parmeet would come back the marriages would happen.

After the wedding Parmeet would return back to US, whereas Bani stays back.