juni 15, 2013

Saraswatichandra Saras, Kumud's intimate moment before engagement

Saraswatichandra Saras, KumudSome lovely close moments awaited between Saras (Gautam Rode) and Kumud (Jennifer Winget) dressed up for their engagement in Saraswatichandra on star plus.
It seems to be getting difficult for Saras to wait for his marriage. Saras and Kumud seems to be dying to close once again.
In the previous episode, Kumud and Saras are seen ready for their engagement. Saras asks Kumud to meet him for 2 minutes before going in the hall for engagement. Kumud also agrees to him for just for 1 minute.
In the coming episode, Kumud will go to the upstairs room to meet Saras where she wills se Saras hiding his face.
When Kumud asks her reason, Saras will break all limits of romantic talks by saying that if he sees Kumud he fears that he will not let Kumud go.