juni 04, 2013

Saraswatichandra: “Pyaar Kiya Koi Chori Nahi Ki….”

Hello friends and fans of Saraswatichandra-Mukkamal Mohabbat Ki Adhoori Daastan…..
So kaisa raha aaj ka episode? Or so to say how are you liking the way this particular track is being treated? Complete TRP Stuff don’t you think????
fjO9djb Saraswatichandra: Pyaar Kiya Koi Chori Nahi Ki....So it’s established that Saras and Kumud consummated thir relationship and what’s interesting is that Saras who up until now was afraid of any sort of commitment is more at peace, is content apart from Kumud’s accusations and her behaviour regarding the whole thing of course while Kumud who trusts Saras and their love finds it hard to digest that they consummated their love before tying the knot.
Being a girl who is traditional and values it, it;s not hard for one to understand why Kumud is behaving in a certain manner, but somewhere the whole thing has been blown out of propotion and that seems to have left a bad taste. Kumud reacting in this manner was expected, Yes she is truly in love with Saras which is why she gave into him that “NIGHT” but this is not what she wanted, this is not how she expected things to go and those who know Kumud know that if things don’t go as per her wish, or the way she thought it would/should it leaves her highly frustrated but because this is a notch higher than all those, because it’s a flaw on her part it has crushed her completely, the fact that she broke her parent’s trust, the fact that she has fallen in her eyes is what bothers her most and she can’t see that she is hurting Saras all this while. All said and done the CV’s could have toned it a little bit but then Dramatizing it beyond a point is brings in the TRP’s kicking in…Right?
188 Saraswatichandra: Pyaar Kiya Koi Chori Nahi Ki....
Writing a letter??? Really Kumud???? Amazed that a Girl as educated, smart and intelligent like Kumud raised up to such an occassion that she wrote Saras a Letter and left it on his Bed. Chalo maana ki she couldn’t face him, so she resorted to writing him a letter but what was she thinking while leaving it on his bed in his absence? Kumud knows that Ghuman is trying everything in her will to stop the Saras-Kumud Marraige, Guman has expressed her displeasure about the same and has made it crystal clear that she Guman does not like Saras marrying Kumud, haan yeh akag baat hai ki she is trying to get Saras not married at all.
cats43 Saraswatichandra: Pyaar Kiya Koi Chori Nahi Ki....
While viewers may feel disgusted and angered that Guman seized the letter and read it before Saras could, they shouldn’t forget that this is GUMAN, this is exactly how she should and would react…..Especially when she does not want this marriage to take place, she will try to snoop around and get anything and everything that will help her succeed in her mission and if she does not she will create them and Kumud actually went and gifted her something that Guman was looking for-A reason to blow things out of propotion and stop this marriage.
Well the episodes have nothing new to offer except that TRP’s could actually sky-rocket this week, but the upcoming episodes looks promising….So watch out for the fireworks starting tomorrow!!!!
Author: Vijitha Rajan