juni 07, 2013

Saraswatichandra: “Kate Nahi Katthe Hai Lamhe Intezaar Ke…..”

It is almost impossible to believe that this is the same Saraswatichandra and Kumud Sundari that we saw in the starting episodes…….Guess Love Has its own Charm and Magic!!! They were always meant for each other, to be together but all that apart the transition that is brought about in the characters in Saras and Kumud the moment they accepted that they were in love with each other is simply awestrucking!!!!
614 Saraswatichandra: Kate Nahi Katthe Hai Lamhe Intezaar Ke.....
In the initial episodes we saw Saras running in the Desserts and only one thing kept ringing in his head that his marriage was fixed to Kumud and it angered him, it was a decision made by his dad and he was not ready to accpet it, him running them was not only a means to reduce his frustration but it was also symbolic of him running away from that relationship. Ek woh Saras tha, aur ek Yeh Saras hain who we saw today, who ran, ran like a man madly in love to get to the woman who made his world stop so that he could gift her the Mobile that he had brought for her, so that they did not have to stay apart at all……2 Days without seeing each other was torturing as it is and so Saras finds a way to bridge in on the gap even its via speech aka Mobile, the way he ran, the way he stopped the bus and the way he said that they could be constantly in touch was symbolic of how the relationship he had tried to run away from once, had now become the very reason for his existence…….Kumud came into his world and changed everything about it, except him, she loved and accepted Saras the way he was, how was he ever going to run away from such a person?
It was eye-pleasing to see Kumud smiling and much more at ease when compared to the past few days where she was highly disturbed and completely OTT. The dream that she had seen had come true, or it would better to say that she was living her dream…..That contentment was written all over her face and the moment Saras stepped up and spoke for Kumud to none other than his Mom- Ghuman that increased by leaps and bounds.
712 Saraswatichandra: Kate Nahi Katthe Hai Lamhe Intezaar Ke.....
Ghuman has been trying to get away with her ways, but till now her efforts, taunting, snooping around and spying hasn’t yield any results, but looks like she is taking another route and Kumari-Badi Maa seems to be her new prey…..What she will do, how she will play her cards if yet to be seen, but one thing is sure ki Ghuman will bring havoc into the lives of all. Remember the scene when she came to Ratnanagiri into Vidyachatur’s Haveli? The symbolism? She was shown bringing a Storm along with her, one that she promised to fill in the lives of all…Well looks like we are gearing up for one…..
Saraswatichandra is going through one of the most beautiful phase…..but let’s not forget that this is the Calm before the storm……Humari audience ko Tadke ke bina kuch pasadn kaha aata hai????
Do let us know your views on the episode…..What next in the lives of Saras and Kumud?
Author: Vijitha Rajan