juni 07, 2013

Qubool Hai…..” The Final Countdown Starts!!!”

The Moment Zoya put those fire-unbinding agents (The one that wouldn’t cause Burn Scar) back into Tanveer’s drawer, the game plan changed…..and it changed for the better perhaps a bigger showdown.
Zoya had found out that Tanveer was upto something, Good -Bad, Why etc were the question on her Mind and in an attmept to know the truth she kept exposing Tanveer at every stage possible and Tanveer kept utilizing each and every opportunity to the best of her knowledge. Tanveer has taken somedrastic measures to protect her investement which in this case would be “The Plan to get Married to Asad and seeing it being put into Motion”….She inflicted knife wounds, burned herself, wove untrue stories about her past life etc but everytime she did them she made sure her story was far more real than Zoya’s accusations against her there by rising in Asad’s eyes and downcasting Zoya. Till a few days back Zoya did not have a motive, or there wasn’t the need to play smart etc She only wanted to know why Tanveer was doing all this, why she was keeping Asad and Family in darkness by feeding lies to them. Today things have changed Zoya has sensed that there is more to Tanveer than it meets the eye and that Tanveer has a strong hidden motive which Zoya has deduced to be not a good one.
sd Qubool Hai..... The Final Countdown Starts!!!
The Subtle Face Off between Zoya and Tanveer the other day and Yesterday gives us an Insight that Zoya has decided to expose Tanveer by hook or by crook …. and if for this she had to play Tanveer’s Game in Tanveer’s Style then she was up for it too……Zoya and Rashid have always been a treat to watch, right from the time when the shared their woes with each other outside the Dargah they have been great Pals and this is indeed a time when Zoya needed somebody by herside, not that she was incapable to do things by her own but in a situation like that of Zoya’s where Dilshaad and Najma are almost always helpless and spectators to all that happens, where Asad does not give Zoya the benefit of the doubt and now Tanveer knowing that Zoya knows bits and pieces and will soon unravel the entire truth it would have been best if Zoya had a Team Mate and as fate would have wanted it it’s her Future Father-In-Law, her Dost Rashid Miyaan who turns up and lets hope like they say “The rest will Indeed become a History”….
qLsLscI Qubool Hai..... The Final Countdown Starts!!!
Shuruwaat toh achi thi…..Zoya traps Tanveer in thier Plan were skillfully…….Yeah Yeah…Tanveer is a smart player and may find her way out but the important thing is Zoya now knows how to play the game…..She herself admited that Tanveer is smart that before she brings out the truth, Tanveer messes up with it making Zoya the Culprit, plus the way her room was messed up is proof enough of how desperately Tanveer wanted the Knife and it does not take much time for a Girl like Zoya who is intelligent and observant to put 2 and 2 together, haan you may feel ki when she couldn’t succeed in the first place in exposing Tanveer how is it possible now…well the difference lies in the fact that at first she did not suspect Tanveer because there was no reason to, then she started suspecting Tanveer but wasn’t sure and today she is sure that Tanveer is upto somthing and that gives her an edge over things. The whole Plan of Zoya calling Rashid, misguiding Tanveer etc is a clear proof that Zoya will try to be extra careful, she may falter because unlike Tanveer she is not a PLAYER……but Zoya will put a fabulous Show and it will be a treat to watch.
dfg Qubool Hai..... The Final Countdown Starts!!!
Coming to the Romantic Couple Asad and Zoya, to start with the MINI SKIRT scene it was completely out of Logic…..One can understand why they had to incorporate such scene but the way it was rolled out was totally unreasonable……In fact the scene was incorporated in the first place so that Zoya could blast at Asad who keeps judging her on the basis of her cloth else who would Zoya not rush back into the Room on realizing that Maulvi Saab had come with Asad? The scene showed Zoya coming out carefree into the Hall because Najma had informed the former that Asad had gone out. The timing and execution of the scene was a tad bit off because Zoya comes out realizes that the situation is changed, AAK was back but not alone there was a guest as well and instead of walking back into the room from which she just walked out she walks into the hall and places herself behind the chairs in the dinig hall……The scene proves that she was not numbed by the sudden arrival of Asad and Maulvi saab because she uses her presence of mind to place herself behind the chairs which is why the scene looked unreasonable as she had enough time to go change into her jeans plus Dilshaad was on her way to call Zoya that means it wouldn’t be too late or too rude a little logic would have actually been better…….
gf Qubool Hai..... The Final Countdown Starts!!!
Plus such scenes also seem to be incorporated to Highlight Zoya, but what happens on the other side is that Asad is being a tad bit butchered but all said and done a reality check for Mr. Khan was much needed and Zoya give it right into his face. Asad once again gets on with his rant that you are not a match for me, tehzeeb and all the usual stuff when Zoya roars back (Yeah she literally did that) because everytime Zoya wanted to make her point she took a step forward like she was on a prowl and Asasd was left with no choice but to move back……The highlight of the particular scene was Zoya telling Asad how he always judged her by her clothes and that what she wore/wearing were her clothes and not her Character. For once Asad had nothing to say and well Change kisko acha nahi lagta???
as4 Qubool Hai..... The Final Countdown Starts!!!
At Ayaan’s house, Ayaan gets blamed for being a caring and protective big brother……Shireen is very much influenced by Razia, well the woman has been brainwashing Shireen fr the past 17-20 Years what can one expect…….Rashid tried to get her to see the truth, but it did not yield any fruit……Badi Bi tries but the same happens, so one can conclude that unless Shireen gets a live audio-visual proof she will never see that the woman who tries to be her well-wisher in fact is the one spewing venom in her life. But on the other Hand Shireen’s main concern has always been Nikhat’s marriage, being a little dark complexioned it has always bothered her that her daughter may never get a fitting proposal, with Imraan’s aliance coming their way all those worries were put to rest but now with things getting out of hand it will be hard for Shireen to accept all that was happening to her darling daughter and here not just the relayionship was broken, the fact that Imraan and Nikhat stayed at a Hotel when their car broke down will also be comprehended in a different manner. From the way a Mother sees it her Daughter’s life is ruined lest Imraan marries her and restores her dignity and honor.
Razia and Badi Bi too had 10 Day arrangement between them, Badi Bi who had won innings after innings is tongue and hand tied with this new twist that has cropped up……She realizes that Razia is behind all of this, that Haseena and Razia is plotting and playing and is still not able to do anything, are the CV’s missing something this is the same woman who played Razia right??? Shouldn’t they be showing Badi Bi in a slightly more figher spirit unlike the incapable/helpless granny they are showin right now???
et Qubool Hai..... The Final Countdown Starts!!!
Another interetsing aspect is while Zoya is on mission expose Tanveer in Asad’s place, Imraan and Nikhat’s alliance as of now has been broken in Ayaan’s place…….Tanveer and Imraan have a history together, and Imraan is the father of Tanveer’s unborn child is this a sign that the truth will come out in either places??? Well lets hope for the best….
Chalo dekhte hai what will unfold in the lives of Asad, Zoya,Ayaan, Nikhat, Rashid, Tanveer and the rest.
Author: Vijitha Rajan