juni 22, 2013

Qubool Hai Asad & Zoya’s separation unites them together in Ajmer

Asad and Zoya to romance in Ajmer disheartening Tanveer 

Qubool Hai Asad & Zoya’s separation unites them together in AjmerAsad (Karan Singh Groverand Zoya's (Surbhi Jyoti) love story Qubool Hai is ready to surprise the viewers with one more twist where Asad will slap Tanveer and get back Zoya to home safely from Ajmer. 
Present track shows Asad falling prey to Tanveer’s evil plan which results in marriage cancellation. 
As a result, Zoya moves to Ajmer followed by Tanveer and Asad. 
Tanveer will be anguish and couldn’t bear seeing Asad and Zoya together in Ajmer. 
Frustrated Tanveer, will try to push Zoya from the cliff and believes that Zoya is no more in her life. 
On the other side, Asad will search for Zoya desperately and finally finds her (Zoya) bleeding and injured badly. 
Asad, who is in deep love with Zoya could not bear Zoya suffering in pain and will be seen with tears in his eyes. 
Although, love unites Asad and Zoya and the duo will have romance in Ajmer and get blessings from the Holy place in Ajmer. 
At Tanveer’s end, she will be seen rejoicing the victory believing that she has finally achieved her evil missions by killing Zoya. 
But, Asad and Zoya’s return to home will leave her with a terrible shock. 
Nevertheless, Asad and Zoya’s marriage will be planned again in a grand manner. 
Will Tannu plan another dirty trick to murder Zoya?