juni 08, 2013

Madhubala:EIEJ ” Mujhse Shaadi Karogi?-RK touches New Heights”

The episode that Madhubala:Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Fans waited with bated breath, irrespective of who they are vouching for/rooting for was finally there tonight. After something as huge as this one it is not easy to sum up the episode in one word, and so here is bringing the Madhubala:Ek Ishq Ek Junoon viewers another analysis of the episode that went on air tonight.
When the show started, when Madhu and RK came aamne saamne, they were always ready to slit each other’s throats…..Then the duo got Married on a Contract basis, RK did this to tame Madhu initially Madhu never retorted and though you feel bad for Madhu seeing the way she was treated somewhere deep down you knew that though RK was wrong there was a reason behind him behaving in a certain manner and back then keeping all those factors in mind when you looked at RK his actions, his dialogues, his mannerisms seemed pitch perfect….. The duo fell in love following which RK announced that it was all a Prem Game for him that his aim was to slap right across her heart the way she had slapped him at the Studio. When this chapter ended Madhu decided to move on in life which did not go well with RK, his belief that there was a another man in Madhu’s life forced him to bring Madhu to the Mansion by force and make sure that he was the only Man in her life, that she loved only him. The extreme manner in which RK acted made Madhu loose a grip over herself and she decided that she was going to teach Supertar RK what and how it feels to nurture a broken heart, but what she saw in the days that followed, the realization that she could never hurt the Man who loved her so much, who was feeling Guilty for what he did made her stop in her tracks, think and go back on her decision. The wedding day arrived and on the D-Day RK find out that the woman he was going to get married to in a couple of hours had actually thought of getting back at him and had shared it with the man he hated the Most.
a13 Madhubala:EIEJ  Mujhse Shaadi Karogi? RK touches New Heights
All hell breaks loose, heart breaks are spelled out, apologies are made and Finally RK and Madhu arrive at the Marriage Venue….but something was still a miss. Everything was right in front of RK, the reasons, the love, the logic but still something was a Miss. He had said “Sorry” one that stays in accordance with the character that RK is, he had gone on to show her how much she meant to him, he tried to make her understand that the RK in front of her was a Changed one and all that phir bhi kuch kami thi aur woh Kami bhi aaj RK ne poora kar di…….
RK was always shown as an Egoist, a Self-Centerd Guy with no soul or heart, but today the Makers very well proved that there was more to him that meets the eyes…..If he could cause you pain, he could very well be the medicine for that pain too. Without a shadow of Doubt the show-stealer in tonight’s episode was Rishabh Kundra……(Vivian Dsena does a Flawless Job in the expressions and Acting Dept.) and the makers keeping the very essence of Rishabh Mohan Kundra intact does a fabulous job and walks away with all the accolades and applause. One of RK’s character traits from the start is that everything he does, he does it with Passion. If RK hates- he does it with full heart, if he loves he does it with full heart and so today when he said all those words to Madhu he did it with full heart.
b2 Madhubala:EIEJ  Mujhse Shaadi Karogi? RK touches New Heights
Going by the events that took place in tonight’s episode (Alone) this was all that was ever needed, a sincere look back in to his memories, into his thoughts, where everything he said and did. From how he forcefully married her to him playing the Prem Game, the way he fell in love but couldn’t let it come in the path of his revenge etc etc … RK has put Madhu through hell, but he has could not stand it when others were pointing fingers at her or for that matter when she considered herself guilty. The fact that Madhu thought what she did, that she thought of doing something like this seemed justified to him and when he voiced it out it left her awestruck. He tells her that he brought her to the Wedding Venue to get married to her, he admits to being angry on finding out what she was up to (Morning Incident) but he lets her and the entire world know that he was the reason that she took to such a step in the first place. He voices out how he broke her heart, dreams and all which never looked as genuine as this one today. Never expected him to grovel never expected him to use the usual love antics, this was RK we are talking about and there was certain way to go about it when it happened.
c2 Madhubala:EIEJ  Mujhse Shaadi Karogi? RK touches New Heights
RK dragging Madhu and leaving the Dias in ager, leaving everybody worried and then stopping in front of the Mandap had resemblance to Aman doing the same to Anjali in the Movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Well Dabbang Khan being a hot favorite of both itna toh Banta Hai!!! Jokes apart RK today got to know that Madhu was deeply scarred that he has broken this Girl in such a way that only he can mend….When he asks her did she know why he brought her there, she answering to insult her was the moment he realized the gravity of his actions of what he did…. He gets annoyed because he knew there was a time when he wouldn’t have had to even ask this question, but ever since he broke her trust it was not an easy path……He seeks forgiveness from her and tells her that he knows what he did was wrong but to give him one more chance. The one thing that disturbed the viewers was why RK made a public display of all that happened, but the Man himself tells that it was needed because the world should know what RK did to Madhu and how she rose to take revenge. When the whole un-wedding drama happened, when the4 Phere Wedding took place each and every time she was at the receiving end being a Superstar these matters getting printed or tossed in the Media would not tarnish him, but it affected her then why not apologize before the whole world?
d8 Madhubala:EIEJ  Mujhse Shaadi Karogi? RK touches New HeightsAny guesses for what the highlight of the episode was???? Well go on read….It takes a lot of Guts for a Man to admit to the woman he loves that his love isn’t strong like hers but that he was and is trying…… Applause to this particular dialogue and Vivaian Dsena for delivering and enacting it so beautifully because this is that one instance where RK rose above, above the so called EGO behind which he hid himself and his feelings . For a girl it’s comparatively easy to admit but for a Guy…Naa aaah!!! And one like RK…It’s like doing something IMPOSSIBLE.
Usually emotional scenes, scenes that make you go Awww is DD’s forte but tonight Hands down Vivian Stole all the limelight, the entire episode belonged to him……VD as RK did a fabulous job, right from the Hate-wala dialogue to his recollection, his anger, him softening, going on knees etc everything that RK did today was Fantastic. Long back we had published an article titled “An Actor Par Excellence-Vivian Desna” well tonight’s acting was on similar lines and Par excellence material.
e Madhubala:EIEJ  Mujhse Shaadi Karogi? RK touches New Heights
Special Mention to the expression given by the Supporting Cast, there was tears of pride ON Radha Ji’s face, happiness that his Boss and Bhabhi were uniting on Bittu Ji’s face, Shock and frustration on Dipali’s face and awestruck and guilty expression on Padmini Ji’s face, but who topped the list was Sikky who actually gave a look that was filled with pride apart from the confusion and other looks when RK confessed “I Love You Madhu”.
A highly entertaining episode, one that could very well be tagged EPIC in the history of Madhubala:EIEJ. Let’s hope that all this is true and there are no more Prem Games, but with a CV’s Panel like that of MB:EIEJ you never know what might come down your way.
Author: Vijitha Rajan