juni 22, 2013

Karan Singh Grover’s to leave viewers awestruck in Qubool Hai.

After showcasing some powerful performances as Asad Ahmed Khan in the initial episodes of Zee TV’s Qubool Hai produced by 4 Lions Films Pvt. Ltd Karan Singh Grover will once again be seen taking the center stage and his performance in the upcoming episodes are sure to leave the viewers/fans awestruck.
For the past few weeks now KSG has been more of a silent spectator to what’s happening in the Zoya-Tanveer drama that has been going on but now with more cards out in the open the show and the characters will have more to offer.
With the storyline getting more grittier it would be interesting to watch how this game is going to be played. Tanveer has played her cards smartly she has kept her end of the Challenge that she would Sleep with Asad. Asad does not reach the Wedding avenue on time following which Zoya will go in search of Asad to get the biggest shock of her life but it does not end there a major shocker is in store for Qubool Hai fans as Tanveer blames Asad for raping her.
This will be the Juncture where everything and everybody will turn against Asad for betraying Zoya. Asad will go through a lot of turmoil which will pave way for some amazing and heart wrenching performance coming from the King Of Romance of Tellywood- Karan Singh Grover.
The viewers will get to see the display of an array of Emotions by KSG as his character Asad will go through various transitions from losing the love of his life, to falling in the eyes of his mother, confused as he tries to understand what happened that un-fateful night and much more.
Stay tuned to catch some amazing scenes, powerful performances and a gripping track in Qubool Hai.
Edited By: Vijitha Rajan