juni 14, 2013

Dheeraj Miglani says 'Farhan is at fault!'

Chhanchan on Sony Tv is in the news these days not because of the popularity but because of the constant fight between the lead actors -Farhan Khan and Sanaya Irani who are playing the blame game. Just when the makers sighed relief after Anuj Sachdeva replaced Farhan Khan in the show Farhan went all over town talking about what went wrong in which he also accused Sanaya about some things that he did not like.
We asked Dheeraj Miglani who plays Farhan's best friend in the show if he knows the inside story as to who is right and who is wrong.
Shares Dheeraj, "I would like to say that Sanaya is a gem of  a person and is quite humble. I can't believe why and what made Farhan say things about Sanaya as she is a very nice and co-operative human being. In fact she used to teach Farhan how to deliver dialogues, she was very patient and I remember when we would make fun of Farhan behind his back Sanaya would just tell us to respect his acting and used to motivate him by saying he will learn things fast."
He further went on to say, "Sanaya would wait for his take to happen and would never throw tantrum on the sets, but on the contrary Farhan had a major ego. Never did anyone of us feel that Sanaya is a three show old actress and popular too! Had Sanaya not been there Farhan wouldn't have survived at all. He should be thankful to her."
He continued saying, "Farhan got a chance to rectify his mistake and he could have improved in his acting so that the show would progress but due to Farhan and his ego he never appreciated what Sanaya used to tell him."
When we asked him about Anuj Sachdeva the new guy in the show he said, "He is nice and a good actor too as he gives expressions and that is what is important... if you are an actor, you cant simply be blank like Farhan was. He was expressionless.
Here's wishing Farhan all the best for his career!