juni 15, 2013

Broken Hearts - A AsYa FF


Aapi kya aapko sach mein jaana hoga?
Are Zoya, teen baar ek sawal pochne sehuska jawab change nai hoga, aur do min mein toh bilkul nai. Ek baatbatao, tu itna tension kyoun lerahi hai? Tera aapna sasural mein toh
chorkar jarahi hoon - Aapi said smiling at Zoya
Huh?! Mera sasural? Ha, mera matlab Iknow ki yeh mera honewalasasural hai, but kya Jiju khud nai asakta hai, aapko 5 din ki liyeDelhi kyoun jaana hoga, aur aap kya New York jaa rahi hai ki aap ko 5din ki liye jaana padega - Zoya said looking like a sad, lostpuppy.
For a min Zeenat was worried for Zoya's reaction, but then thought, Zoya is just nervous cause of thewedding closing in, and said - Kyoun, main shopping karna chati hoon
aur woh bhi teri liye, teri shaadi ki liye aur tum hai jo mujheguilty feel karwana chati hai. By the way Zoya, tume pata hai ki terajiju kitna exited hain tere nikaah ki liye, but just as a warning,he's just as peeved at you for not even telling him anything about
you and Asad - Zeenat said with a laugh.
Zoya forced a smile
on her face and thought; itna khush maat ho Jeju, it's all fake, and
the longer you dream about it the more it will hurt later on.
Zeenat looked upfrom her bag just about to tell Zoya about her Jeju's first reactionto all of this when she froze, Zoya lost in her thought, for onceforgot that she wasn't alone and let her eyes speak of all the hurtand pain her heart was going through. The pain Zeenat saw in Zoya'seyes made her gasp and take a step back causing a vase on the
dressing table to fall and get crushed against the floor. Zoya wasjerked back to reality and looked at her Aapi's shocked expression.

Kya hua, kisi nekuch kaha, Asad! Asad ne zoror kuch kaha, I'm sure and that's why you
don't want me to leave is it, are chup kyoun ho batao, what did he doto you - Aapi said, her voice getting louder with every word.

Kuch nai Aapi, yehaap kya keh rahi hai. There's nothing wrong with me and no Mr. Khan
my be Akdu, but he would never hurt me like that. Aap shant hojaye -Zoya said just as Dilshaad came in startled by Zeenat's high tone.
Kya hua Zeenat, sabkhairiyat hai na, Zoya kya hua? - She asked looking at them both.

Meri Zoya ko..
Kuch bhi nai, Aapibas over react karahi hai, she made the plans of leaving for 5 days,and now that I'm trying to guilt her into buying me loads of clothes,inhone yeh reaction di, ab aap hi bataiye unhe ke mujhe kuch nai hogaaur mere liye sanget ke liye kuch acha sa traditional outfit Delhi selana, bolo na Phuphi - Zoya said, praying to God that her Aapi
would let it pass..
What Zoya didn't know was that outside of her room, in the small garden like area between Asad and Zoya's room, stood a man who witnessed it all. The cute bickering between sisters, the slip up by the younger one and her desperate attempt to cover it up. She may fool her sister andher phuphi but this man saw it all, and he understood it all. 

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